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  1. Pretty much all hotels are girl friendly in that area just go on booking.com or Agoda and do a map search
  2. Not really worth a side trip if your on vacation there's loads of better options, go to one of the islands if your after a decent beach and as bit of mongering or if it's just mongering then Bangkok and Pattaya are all you need.
  3. Couple of decent bars in On Nut try 'Cheap Charlies' its on Soi 50, there's another bar just next to it with a pool table and a few restaurants in the same area. There's also a beer garden near the BTS and another food court/beer garden down Soi 81. On Nut is a pretty decent area to live it's got pretty much everything you need, shopping mall with Cinema, good gym, couple of big super markets, food courts, restaurants, couple of bars, massage shops and a BTS station.
  4. Easiest way is to get a taxi from Pattaya, it's always cheaper to get taxi from Pattaya to Bangkok than vice versa as the taxi's bringing guys from the airport are based in Bangkok and they want a return fair sometimes the poor fucker sleep a night in their taxi waiting for one so should be able to get it for 1000bhat. Get dropped off, get sucked off then get a taxi meter to the airport for roughly 380 bhat plus highway fee, if it's after 9pm don't really need to use the highway often drivers will charge you saying "include highway" then not take the fucker anyway and it doesn't add much time
  5. It's a great location, I've not stayed there so can't comment on the rooms
  6. Chatuchak market is on every weekend it's massive so should be able to find what you want there, not sure what it's like for value for money as it's a tourist trap but guess its ok if you know how to haggle. For electrical items though I'd just head to MBK they've got all sorts of shite in this place though they've clamped down on fake goods in here so not as much as there once was.
  7. I didn't do it by bike but I've done a couple of road trips round Essan with my ex in the car, there's loads of stuff to see two places I really remember were Tat Ton National park in Chaiyaphum and Than Tip waterfall in Nong Khai. Essans a beautiful place surprised not many regular tourists make it up there, it's also really cheap and the locals are friendly. Think Siam Sam's right if I was going to do it by bike I'd hire one and do it at my own pace there's a lot to see and every major town, even most large villages have their resident farang click who you can tap for information over a coup
  8. I'd recommend Bar 4 on Soi 4 in Bangkok you can flush out the system with large amounts of alcoholic beverages then get an attractive woman to suck the poison out of you.
  9. Songkran is fun round Nana I like watching the madness from the bars more than getting involved, Songkran in Bangkok is much more civilised than it is in Pattaya. There will be fewer girls though, some of them go home to celebrate it with family and of the ones that remain some will be out drinking and throwing water around during the day and out of action by night time, there will still be plenty of girls around though so don't worry.
  10. If you don't mind straying a bit away from the Nana/Cowboy area there's Hobs bar at rain hill shopping mall which has a decent selection, and The Beer House in Ekamai which also does decent food.
  11. Yes all hairdressers are hookers simply get your cock out during the haircut and she'll know what to do, also the BJ bars are just a front for hair salons, give the girl a tip and she will give you a great haircut. Whatever you do if your looking for sexual services in Bangkok do not go to BJ bars, massage shops, gogo's, beer bars, escort agencies, nightclubs or bars where freelancers hang out, simply go to T21 all women there are whores disguising their antics by shopping or even better approach women standing around staring at their phones not making eye contact with anyone or even just go t
  12. The beer house in Ekamai might be worth a shot, good food and a decent selection of drinks
  13. Think I know which disco you meant Climax by any chance? I haven't found a replacement yet, I liked the live music and the fact it was an older crowd and every chick in there was an FL. Insanity and Mixx have plenty of FL's but the musics not as good.
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