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  1. Cabbages and condoms soi 12. Good Thai food nice setting. Funny name. Good cause
  2. I'm a regular here as well as Pattaya addicts and Philippines one as well. They both use tapatalk so quite handy for using on the smartphone. Bangkok addicts doesn't have tapatalk though and just wondering why and if it will ever be upgraded to this system? thanks
  3. Hey Ican... I cant post direct links to my bar but try to find Checkinn99 between Sukhumvit rd Soi 5 & 7 On Saturday night 31Mar I am celebrating between 9&10pm (free flow Heineken for an hour). The band are great and its an excellent no hassles place for baby boomers - the next night 1Apr we have a full on Blues Brothers night. I invited the other Aussies on this thread too.. Cheers Chris

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