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  1. Airbnb has many pros. For a couple of weeks, makes no sense (and it's illegal). But if you stay one month, you save hundreds of dollars. I usually spend a little more than average (800-1000$ month) but I get nice condos, with pool and gym, and good location. I also want to be able to cook a steak, use a table, lay on the couch, wash the clothes by myself. That pays off the 10 minutes a day I need to keep it clean. I wouldn't get a cheap condo that's for sure
  2. Citadines 11 is another good choice in the same area and for the same price. I don't remember the details, but my room was quite big and stylish. Also food service was ok. A few steps from Oskar, Levels etc
  3. Considering that most of people stay less than 30 days, and Airbnb is illegal for that period, I'm not surprised most choose hotels over condos. But regardless of the laws, if I stay a couple of weeks, hotels are a no brainer. Right now I'm writing from a condo I rented for 2 months on Airbnb and it costed me around 2000$, has fast internet, washing machine, good infinity pool/gym and 1 minute walk from Thong lo BTS.
  4. Sometimes I don't want to go to a restaurant alone and I'm too lazy to cook, so I just buy food like those rice and chicken bowls you can find everywhere. At Villa Market, at the end of Suk Soi 11, almost next to Insanity, they have cheap ready-to-eat sushi trays that actually look good and taste ok (much better than those at 7-11, that I would never eat). The price is really good so I was wondering if you consider it too risky to have some salmon sashimi... I don't have a clear idea about hygiene standards here in Thailand. Thoughts?
  5. I just spent 9 nights in this hotel, located in soi 6 and very close to Nana Plaza and Nana BTS. Needless to say, is guest friendly (they don't charge you for bringing someone to the room). First of all: my room wasn't the most basic/cheap, since it had a bedroom + living room, while with the cheapest price you get a studio apartment. Having a washing machine in the room was very comfortable for me (I'm not 100% sure but I think all rooms have one). Bathroom was good (but only shower and no bathtub). Staff is very nice. It has a balcony, even though the view from my room was non-exist
  6. Been there recently, it's a good choice with small things I didn't like. It's pretty old (my room was in the secondary building, maybe there's a difference). You can't open the window, you have to ask the key at the reception (what??). Staff is nice (average in bkk). Really good breakfast. Internet works very well and that's a huge plus for me.
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