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  1. I only used my T-Mobile phone for "talk" and "text" in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and the signal is very good. Signal probably better than in the states because you are using Thai networks with better signal coverage or at least better than what I have in the states. I use a cheap phone with Thai SIM card for all in-country calls.
  2. DaveDV, thanks for confirming the positive/good reviews that were posted on their website. No specifics I need to know, just a little concerned when I didn't see any reviews for 2013. My first and last time in Chiang Mai was 10 years ago and I stayed at the Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel. .
  3. Have any forum members stayed at the Raming Lodge Hotel & Spa in Chiang Mai? I've read some old reviews (comments) on their website and all were good, no negatives but there hasn't been any current reviews including the year 2013. I'll be staying at the Raming Lodge Hotel & Spa in two weeks and any updated information on the hotel will be greatly appreciated. B)
  4. Her expectations were probably higher or different than the gifts you bought for her. B)
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