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  1. Sorry if this reads like an ad, but I thought I'd publicise http://www.18185.co.uk They charge only 1.5p per minute to Thailand, to a mobe or a landline, and offer access from a BT phone, a cable phone, Talk Talk, your mobile, etc etc. I use it every time i talk to my waan jai. Read their website and see what you think. They have never ripped me off (which is more than i can say for my gas and 'leccy companies)
  2. In Bangkok you will have no gurantee of quality; that North Face or similar mountaineering rucksack will be a very convincing clone and the stitching will come undone when you need it most. Better to buy one mail-order off the net in Britain; you will get what it says you get. There are dozens of online sites that sell proper mountain gear. Hell, even Amazon do decent packs for reasonable prices - and I'm sure you can beat them if you search for 10 minutes. amazon packs For example, this Berghaus 65+10 for £80-odd Berghaus 65+10 Or a Karrimor Panther 65 for £74 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Karrimor-Panther-Rucksack-Cobalt-Cinder/dp/B002G9TIRY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1309447606&sr=8-2 Ot a Karrimor Orkney 65 for £32 Karrimor Orkney Good hunting!
  3. Woraburi on Soi 4 - been there 3 times and always decent for the price. (I have no connection to the business, I'm just a customer) http://www.woraburi.com/woraburisukhumvit/index.html
  4. Apsara massage is great and it is on Soi 4 (Soi Nana) itself. Same side of street as Nana plaza. See my post http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/593-legit-thai-massage-near-soi-nana/page__st__12__p__11081#entry11081
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