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  1. Had fish and chips at the irish pub at the end of soi cowboy(baccara end) a few weeks ago I cant remember the name ate fish and chips there twice both time was good.Im shure someone that lives there can realy give you the scoop.
  2. Any of you fishing guys girls on what is available to catch in thailand?saw some catfish eating bread on the river in bkk see photo.would like to catch some snakeheads up north or mekong catfish ect.up for some saltwater action too.you have to do something in the daytime too.
  3. Thanks for the advice looks like tourist visas are best till i decide if i want to stay loooong term then i will get a o retirement visa
  4. Is there a limit to how many tourist visa you can use.Let me try to explain insted of getting a retirement visa could i get a tourist visa for 60 and extend it for 30 more fly to the usa get another tourist visa come back to thailand for 60 extend it for 30 more and keep doing that or will that be leagal?I can get cheap tickets.I could not find the answer even on thai embassy site.
  5. mbk, siam paragon,world center all have them enjoy!
  6. cant help you on this one seen the vat station at the airport.I am sure one of the gurus will help you on this one.
  7. I dont book hotels on the internet I like to keep my options open . I go to soi 4 past nana on the left and right are hotels down the sidestreets some for 600bt=1000bt bookit for one night if you get in late or are tired.find something better in the morning if you need something nicer.keep in mind I am not picky just needs to be clean.most all the hotels down there are guest fiendly.
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