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  1. It was the On8, near to Nana BTS. And something else to consider that some may not like is that the rooms have no windows.
  2. You're wrong there, to my regret I booked a hotel where I thought smoking was allowed only to find out on arrival that it was not. If I had not paid in advance and was only staying a few days then I would have left. I sent a message before booking that I wanted a smoking room and they said to ask on check in only to discover then that it was fully non-smoking.
  3. There have been a few outages in the past few weeks.
  4. Not so, it turns out that the flights are restricted to Thai's, diplomats and certain key workers. They will have to go into quarantine after arriving and will be obliged to have medical insurance of $100,000. Tourists are still not allowed. So far, reports by the newspapers and even cabinet members have not been entirely correct, it is important to read the final government decrees to be certain what is allowed and banned. It's been said that the emergency will end July 1st but that signifies the end of the lockdowns as the government can still impose other restrictions without that such as blocking tourists from different countries. What's more all the current cases of Covid19 are imported which will make the government all the more reluctant to open their borders especially to countries with high numbers of cases and deaths.
  5. It's been reported that the lockdown will end July 1 but it's not guaranteed: https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1925768/complete-end-to-lockdown-on-july-1 Best to wait longer before booking, after all there's not telling what restrictions (health insurance, visa) may still be in place. I for one don't want to go into quarantine when I return. Finding available flights will also be a problem, expensive and limited.
  6. No, the only people allowed to fly in are repatriated Thai's and a few small exceptions. From what they say, there won't be any international tourism until the fourth quarter although I expect that to be changed.
  7. Last trip I stayed at the ON8, ok but fucked me over on the smoking as I booked with Agoda they told me to ask at on arrival when they could have told me that the hotel was non-smoking. Prices are about the same as Majestic or Dynasty so I won't go back.
  8. It might be luck of the draw. One thing to avoid is the duty free scam. When you pay for the items that you bought, the cashier throws in a little extra that you think is a freebie. Then you are stopped by a cop for shoplifting and taken to a facility, there you meet a guy who can make it "go away" if you pay the fines.
  9. Somewhat but it is a craft beer bar.
  10. I finally got to Craft in November, it had a really good selection including Stouts and Porters which you rarely see in Thailand and happen to be my favourite. I lingered there for 4 pints before going over to Soi Cowboy.
  11. there is a SuperRich booth at Nana BTS - the orange one (https://www.superrich1965.com/home.php) and not the green (https://www.superrichthailand.com/#!/en). The site confirms the Nana location. You might have been using the green one. Although right now I may just use the airport and if I need more then Vasu later.
  12. Maps shows me a Super-rich at Nana Station, I may use that or at the airport as my plan is to exchange only £500 at a time rather than change the lot in one go so it won't make a big difference. Thanks all, I did not know that there were other exchanges in Bangkok that were open on Sundays.
  13. It's as well that I checked a week early, I've found out that the currency exchanges in Bangkok are closed on Sundays. Fortunately I'll have about 5,000 Baht from my last trip a few years back but I still may exchange some money at the airport (downstairs near the airport link).
  14. Thanks again everyone :) I've got every location bookmarked. Now if only those airfares were not so high....
  15. Thanks. I did Pattaya last year at the end of March so this time around I thought I'd mostly do Bangkok along Sukumvit Rd and finish with a few days in Pattaya to ensure that I miss out on very little. And as long as there are girls around I'll be fine.
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