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  1. Never stayed at Mac but Dawin is quite nice. Just the right distance from the insanity of soi 4 but close enough to walk/stumble/crawl home alone or with a date. Pool smaller but nice feel to it. No drama bringing girls back too.
  2. i am no expert by any means but I believe the only way you can work in Thailand is if a company basically sponsors you i.e. hires you and seeks a visa for you to work only for them. As an investor (big money) then you will be able to get a work visa if certain conditions are met such as hiring Thai nationals. If you are looking for a visa to live and not work in thailand then a retirement visa or a marriage visa are the other ways. I would love to hear that my knowledge is limited and there is a way. Keep us informed please.
  3. Beergarden on soi 7 is a good one - like shooting fish in a barrel. In Jan while sitting at Big Dogs I had a really cute FL walk by me, we smiled, she joined me and we made the deal. Nana ST rooms are so close. I like Big Dogs but the daytime older girls there are pretty cynical and very clinical (ymmv) so I was happy to get lucky. The FL are everywhere, sometimes it just happens to be presented to you on a plate I guess. 555
  4. hi stayed at s15 a couple of weeks ago - very nice location - arrived late one night with a very drunk bg and no one stopped/asked for id just smiled at us. a very comfortable place. I'll stay there again in June. enjoy your stay.
  5. Soi 8 turn left at the first sub soi, walk down past the motorcycle taxi drivers and it is on the right. A little bit lacking in the decor department but the food was delicious and reasonably priced too. Even my Thai wife enjoyed it.
  6. I don't think any BMs have survived Kuwait Airlines !!! Just kidding - middle of the road airline with an upward trend I believe. I have flown with them but that was about 4 years ago , no bad memories. Enjoy your visit I am leaving tomorrow evening !
  7. Learning to be direct and to the point in Thailand will serve you well my friend. As the previous BM said just ask - ask if they have a joiners or guest fee. No need to beat around the bush on this question. Lol Learn to ask questions as you would be wise to ask questions before deciding upon your girl while is BKK. Enjoy the journey.
  8. Spot on ! - You're a farang if you still walk a Bangkok zebra crossing with total confidence passing vehicles will screech to a halt and allow you safe passage. Many farang have tried this but unfortunately not many have lived to tell their tale. Guilty here of not adjusting to the needs and desires of thai drivers - have horrified many thai drivers by holding on to my western sense of entitlement - hopefully i will learn lesson by myself before a bumper does it for me. Still make the mistake of looking left when crossing the road - we drive on the correct side here ! lol
  9. My favourites are on Soi 4 - Dawin and Heaven @ 4. I too like boutique hotels - easier to relax and get to know staff. Am willing to try another Soi close to 4 but not too far.
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