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  1. Actions like this will turn tourists off. If you can't give a negative review, then how can you trust any reviews about Thailand? I can't believe they actually jailed him, but time will tell if he serves any time. This really makes LOS look bad imo ...
  2. It was just one lady identified and she's back in China now from what I've heard. You'd have more worries about an elephant grabbing your balls with his trunk than contacting that flu variant at this point.
  3. I've been there several times, never any problems.
  4. Where do they get this information from? I barely see the Chinese spending anything except for shopping. Are they buying that much at the malls? https://thethaiger.com/news/opinion/why-the-chinese-are-infinitely-more-important-than-western-tourists-to-thailand "The Chinese now account for 57.48% of all tourists in Thailand and what makes this even more staggering is only 8.7% currently have passports (120 million)." "The Chinese expenditure into Thailand is US$15,342,000,000 each year, which is more than any other nation. The average spend per day for a Chinese tourist in Thai
  5. https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30374465 "Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob Wednesday gave the green light to a package of fare increase for taxis, including distance rates, airport surcharges and the rate while not moving in traffic."
  6. Interesting. Life is all about the experiences though.
  7. Anyone been to Gaggan's? Is this venue good for Western palates? After you arrive do they refund you the $200 reservation fee or apply it to your bill?
  8. don't bring any THB with you, get it once you get into the country. They never check your currency coming in if you are a regular US tourist.
  9. Just did Armani tailors on the corner of Sukhumvit and Soi 8. 4x slacks for 1,500 each. These had the rubber stops on the sides, 6x loops, front/back lining, fitting sessions, etc. Feel free to use this as your starting point for negotiations with them, you may be able to get them down some more.
  10. Reading the Bangkok Post they have an article that the departures bridge is out and that it takes an extra 3-hours to get there now. Any first-hand experience on this? https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1356387/don-mueang-users-warned-of-traffic-congestion
  11. If I had to do it I'd have to be near a Skytrain station. Once I got tired of one area I could shuttle myself off to any other area of the city for the day, or night.
  12. Never seen it in Bangkok, but that guy who owns Bar 4 on Soi 4 probably knows, he's been there forever.
  13. imo, yes ... US is about to raise interest rates again and our currency gets strong as a result. Also, I believe this mourning will drop the Thai GDP and productivity as well.
  14. It should run around 1,000 baht one-way between Bangkok and Ayutthaya ...
  15. Unless it also has a way to eavesdrop on your conversations as well .. who knows ...
  16. They can try to shut down Nana, Cowboy and Patpong but what about all the other outlying areas? Even if they can clean them all up people will just make deals on ThaiFriendly or CL. There's no way they can stop it. This doesn't even begin to touch Pattaya and the rest of Thailand.
  17. Quality = expensive ... ... If they try this they'll revert back once they realize they are not Singapore. You have to create the image first and they don't have the cash to do it.
  18. The Erawan Shrine is amazing. I just with the BTS went all the way to it instead of stopping at To Bearing.
  19. This video will never go away. It's very brutal and a clean shot of what happened. The Thais will be apologizing for this for years. I doubt much will happen to the perps though.
  20. All cities have their bad sides ... But some places are more notorious for it than others. Also, in the cities I have been to outside of Thailand, I've never seen a gem or jet ski scam. Actions like these seem to be pervasive to Thailand. Could it happen somewhere else? Probably, but not as commonly which is why these types of scams get associated with Thailand and not other places.
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