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  1. Frosty

    Business Visa

    Textiles ... Contracts and inspection of merchandise ... I may need to visit a few sites. There will be no financial exchanges though.
  2. Frosty

    Business Visa

    Do you need to get a business visa if you are going to do some business in-country or can you just get a tourist visa and use that?
  3. They made some derogatory comments so I thought I'd give them a gift ....
  4. Okay ... One of my soap bars gave me ringworm ... Nasty bitch to get rid of. Gave them all away to friends and kept the better ones (not wrapped in celophane).
  5. What's up with all this home-made soap being sold in Thailand lately?
  6. How are the exchange rantes when you do electronic transfers? Any fees?
  7. If memory serves me right, 2,000 baht per location per day minimum.
  8. You have the major items ... Don't forget Wat Pho, Democracy circle, Victory monument, the Skytrain, a SkyBar/Dinner event. The boats to Wat Arun just cross the river. I'd suggest taking a dinner cruise from the city pier. Make sure you get an inside table in case it's hot outside. There's also the Hajime robot restaurant where a robot serves you, and you cook your food at the table. A trip to Ayyuthaya should kill an hour up and back, and a few hours up there looking at crumbling ruins of the old Siam empire. Mo Chit for the Chatuchak weekend market. A real, legitimate 2
  9. This should probably be in the 'Restaurants, Places to Eat and nightlife' forum.
  10. If you go in the next few weeks then give a shout back. I'm considering this a venue to hit on my next trip (soon) and any feedback would be appreciated. Your opinion of the quality of food, atmosphere, view, etc. Prices and pictures help as well. If I have this right, it's just down the street from Soi Cowboy (Asoke) ...
  11. I see a lot of people carrying cameras around, and they still had their cameras with them.
  12. I went to the one on the corner of Suk Soi 8 and had alterations done to my jacket. Now you all know tailors in Thailand don't like leather jackets, but they got the work done.
  13. There are a ton of tattoo shops all over Bangkok .... Just look at the artwork outside until you find one with a style you like.
  14. WTF ... Why is someone with just 1 post to their name posting links to the Holiday Inn Express Siam? Was this supposed to be a new post that they are trying to sell their HIX reservation they have to let go?
  15. You can make real boobs from the bodies natural material now. One of my medical investments does this kind of work.
  16. It is one of the safest cities I have even been in. But it's also a city and I never leave anything worth over $20 out in the open regardless of where I'm at. Most laptops will fit in the safes. While the staff may not do anything there's always that chance something could happen, like someone slipping into your room. And if they can't see it they're not motivated to try anything. Out of sight, out of mind. I've always put my laptop in the safe. It looks like it can hold up to 15" easily on the common room safe types.
  17. Always lock valuables in your safe when you are leaving them in the room. While there is a high trust factor in the city it's not 100% guaranteed.
  18. I've never been required or asked to show return flight information after arriving at BKK.
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