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  1. 3k/day is very comfortable, as long as you don't get carried away.
  2. At the cheap end ... If you get 1 drink in a bar, no LDs and just BF 1 girl for ST ... And let's say you're eating on the skinny with street food and nothing fancy .... The tourism is done yourself without guides and you SkyTrain or walk where you need ... Then on average you could do this on 1,500 baht daily easily. This could drop if you go after beer garden girls or freelancers instead. Add 500 baht/daily if you're looking for a better time and non-negotiating or starlet BF girls. Estimates for 2-days 2,000 BF for girl 150 for bar drink 250 baht transportation 600 baht food
  3. Other people apparently did .. Any they were his accomplices. Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it." ---- Lt. John B. Putnam Jr. (1921-1944)
  4. Seems like we have nothing to fear, they have no idea how to throw grenades. On the other hand, it was way down on Soi 71 which is pretty far away from most of the tourist stuff and more around the Muslim neighborhood.
  5. Take the middle road and let the people of LOS lure you into that which entertains you.
  6. Next time you go loot at the VAT total on all of the receipts you receive. You might be surprised how little you can actually document.
  7. People are prone to only put up good reviews though. I take any negative review seriously.
  8. The best places to get electronics, imo, would be the 4th floor of MBK where all the electronic gurus hang out at in their shops. But if you ask me, you won't get any deals there better than you would get in your own country.
  9. A river dinner cruise is a good way to go. Here's a night shot of a dinner cruise going by.
  10. Stayed at the hotel again. Still the same place it always is but there are a few locals living there due to the flooding on the edges of the capital. Here's a view of the hotel from the back alley. This is how you'll enter in the evening/night as the front door at the restaurant is closed. The entrance is at the end of the alley on the right. It's behind the 'Eight Plus' sign in the picture.
  11. Just got back from the Chaya Prat. There are boats still going across the river. Tour boats and excursions are still going up and down the river. The express boat service is stopped (for some reason). While many piers are flooded, they have put up planks to get to the boat launches.
  12. Exactly ... That's why I wanted to put the link in there. In my mind, a tourist visa is the same as a visa waiver. Either way, you'll still get a stamp in your passport. Looking at my passport now for the tourist stamp it says "Immigration, Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand, Visaclass, Admit from (some date), Until (another date 1-month later), Signed". Next to that is my departure stamp from when I left the country.
  13. You're correct, it's 30-days for an on-arrival tourist visa. Here's a link (click here) to the Thai Visa page for any nationality to see how long they can get a visa for.
  14. Wait, if you're from the USA you don't need the embassy to clear you. Just enter the country and you get a 90-day tourist stamp. You don't need to be pre-cleared.
  15. Yes .. But it would be easier to fly to Cambodia or one of the other neighboring areas. Also, I believe the tourist visas are good for 90-days.
  16. Too many options ... I can give you about 50 hotels right off the top of my head practically.
  17. You mean the bars and restaurants at the hotel I take it and not city-wide?
  18. You'd think all the family-friendly tourists would be cancelling their trips now. If they're not making a dent then I guess LOS is not considered a significant family-friendly destination.
  19. With the flooding going on, and Bangkok evacuating somewhat, are the hotel rates dropping in the city?
  20. lol, I'll be impressed is Asoke floods to Sukhumvit.
  21. WTF, they were saying the Grand Palace had water around it, but Wat Pho is dry?
  22. Well hell, I've been getting those pre-paid single-use cards every time.
  23. Raja's are the owners of On8. How much did they charge for decent trousers? I've had pairs made at Armani's right outside On8 and never had any problems.
  24. Hrmm, last time I was on the skytrain they didn't have reloadable cards. Is this new?
  25. What's the estimate for when the flooding will be over?
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