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  1. This hotel is still guest-friendly, right? I've heard a few hotels are now charging a joiner-fee and want to make sure this isn't the case here. Actually, do we have a list somewhere of GF hotels w/out joiner fees?
  2. lol ... I've stayed at ON8 ... Will be there again ... And while it's nice, it doesn't have that 'pizzazz' for something special. No balconies, no skyline views, no artistic or ambient lighted rooms, no pools, etc. Sorry, but ON8 is a nice place but not impressive.
  3. Trying to find a hotel for a group of 3, individual rooms. We're looking for a place in Bangkok near the Skytrain, hopefully within a block at the most. The location will need free WiFi for guests, guest friendly with no joiner fees, showers, pool, in-room safe and the usual expectations. But I'm hoping to find a place under $125/night with a good atmosphere and impressive rooms. By impressive I don't mean big or clean or anything like that but something different with lighting or the view or themes, etc. It would be a bonus if it was listed on Expedia as well for reservations.
  4. The context I'm getting here is that it is better to get tailoring services in Pattaya instead of Bangkok. While I may be happy with the service I have nothing to compare it to. If I was more fashionista then I would be quite adept at material, designs, cuts, and prices to make a better valuation. Since I am not that is why I am still asking even though I received what I considered good products in the past. My doubts come from reading other horror stories of tailor shops or how people found out later they overpaid or didn't get what they thought they were. If Rajas is the one by
  5. Any good tailors in Bangkok? I know there are many shady ones but I've used Armani's on Sukumvit Soi 8 a few times. If anyone has been there would they vouch for the quality and prices? Fashion is not my forte so I can't really be a good judge myself.
  6. Bleh ... Most of my purchases have no receipts so it's not likely to result in anything significant. At least my curiosity is sated for now.
  7. I've never used the VAT refund at the airport. Has anyone had any experience with them? I know most of my purchases have no receipts but there should be a VAT item on the hotel receipts. Does this take long to do? Is it worth it? Are the VAT refunds done in baht only?
  8. It's a problem with the site. For some reason only images uploaded to the site are missing. If you check, I'm sure you'll see that the pictures hosted on external sites are still showing up. This is an old IPB version but it looks like the URL is not in the image tag, is malformed, or the images were removed from the uploads folder.
  9. Oddly .... One of their links cites 'room and rates' but there are no rates posted on the site itself.
  10. I like the windowed shower stall. What's slick is their website with the trance music playing and the slick flash controls.
  11. Fuck ... I might do that instead. I'll check locally for someone to make a banner I can raise up like a flag so my mates can find me. I figure if it's not in poor taste, too large or flamboyant then it should be okay. God, that 1-hr wait is going to suck though. Is there still public WiFi available? That might help kill the time. Also is there somewhere online with a map of the multi-levels of the airport? I might use this to let my mates know where we'll meet up at, and also where they need to go to clear customs, baggage, etc.
  12. Are those before or after the custom lines?
  13. The location is great. The non-view windows are something to ponder. They allow the frosted light in, but no view. Good for the room, not for hanging out at the hotel. If I recall, this is still a smoke-free hotel.
  14. The girls are only for legit massage as these guys will be getting off the plane. The adventures will commence later on. We already have the rooms reserved, I'm arriving hours earlier at the hotel. Since I'm there so early I was going to make sure all the hotel arrangements were good for all of us to alleviate any check-in problems and that we all really got rooms on the same floor. I really don't want to hang around the airport for a few hours idling. Maybe I'll just do this the cheap way, taxi into the hotel, and let them figure their own way of getting their. None of us have any
  15. How can a trip to the airport be 1500 baht one-way? From the airport to downtown it's usually less than 400 baht.
  16. I never had a problem ... The TGs seem to accommodate to the situation.
  17. I guess with the lack of responses the next question would be where to post such a classified ad online where a decent response can be found?
  18. I figure the ride and and forth will probably run 1,000 baht. Hopefully a decent sign we can rally under can be made around 300 baht. Massage girls might be another 500 baht since it's only 1-way to the hotel, but time is involved to get to the airport and back. I'm completely guessing on this but either someone will make an offer, or someone else will point out the financing errors. I guess I could take this to the Thailand craigslist but I'm not sure how dependable that is.
  19. I noticed there's no classified services section here where people can post for services they are looking to pay for. I.e. I'm hoping I can find someone in Bangkok when I arrive who can make some kind of flag banner with a logo on it to greet our part, and provide a van to take us from the airport to our hotel. We'll be arriving a bit staggered over 2-hours so my plan is to take the lift to the hotel and get everyone their rooms, then take the van back to the airport with 2 massage girls. Then after we pick up my blokes I can get them back to the hotel with their rooms all ready for them
  20. Then you bring them through the back alley entrance.
  21. Be careful at On8. It's a nice hotel but they offer 2 kinds of water. If you drink the wrong one it will cost you quite a bit. Also, the Saffron rooms can get very bright. They have large windows that, while frosted, can let in a lot of light in the mornings still (even with the curtains drawn). If you get the Saffron room near Sukhumvit you can hear the traffic at times. Quite guest friendly. They are also very helpful in setting up tours, private drivers, or other conveniences. It's a nice place and right outside the Nana terminal for the Skytrain, literally. During daytime
  22. Correct, but what is the name of the restaurant? Do I just call the hotel up to reserve a table for 4 people on the restaurant balcony? Is there only one restaurant which uses the balcony or is it shared?
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