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  1. Hi, Can anybody recommend a good place to buy few pieces of furniture in BKK. Will they help me to get it shipped to Europe? Thanks
  2. Has anybody tried to purchase kamagra or generic cialis online and if so can you recommend a site? i have come accross this one http://www.generic-pharmacy.net/generic-cialis.html
  3. i guess you can always e-mail the hotel and ask. i am sure if it's close to nana or cowboy the hotel should be guestfriendly
  4. Here are my 2 cents, don't sleep on the plane. Get a flight which lands in BKK around midday or onwards, stay awake till 9pm at least and go to bed a bit early, don't drink any alcohol the first night, you'll see that you wake up the next day feeling just fine, maybe a little bit weary but the next day you won't notice a thing. at least this is what works for me when i go to japan for example. i live in europe btw.
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