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  1. There's a question on the visa form that asks how long I plan to stay in Thailand. I plan to stay about 90 days. How long should I write in the form?
  2. DAY 5 Nothing special. Went to SZ and bought the one I thought was the hottest a LD. DAY 6 Went this triangle area called soi Kep Sab. Walking down on Rat-U-Thit Rd. from Bangla Road you will find Soi Kep Sab on your right, 200m after Christin Massage. Didnt really c anything I liked and it was prob cuz not many girls around during the daytime. An older woman stopped me and spoke to me in Chinese, but I asked for English :) I asked about this dark skinned cute Issan girl with a great smile girl that was sitting down and she called her over. We talked a bit and negotiated and then up we went. We get into a room and it’s a bunch of beds separated by curtains. There was dude right next to me. Started with stripping down and getting a meh back massage and then a meh leg massage. When I flipped, I saw that she had no curves, small tits, a small stomach pouch, but smooth skin especially her thighs. Then she went to get the condom and I paid her 1500 to get change, but she wanted a tip which I said if u did a good job. Then she wanted $200 for a bj, but I passed on it. We start in mish which she didn’t want to kiss as she had her head turned. Then we switch to doggy and another lady comes in with her customer and starts moaning along with my girl. Eventually we switch to cowgirl and it felt pretty good like I could bust, but she got tired so we go back to mish. Feeling like I wasn't gonna finish, I ask for the bj. She said $200 and cbj only. BOO, but I was gonna give her at least $100 anyway so let’s do it. CBJ was totally meh. Couldn’t feel much except for teeth and she didn’t do much more than just the head. Eventually I ask for a HJ and that did the trick. I and thought I was finished but when I looked down I shot a a huge Never came so much before and it wasn’t like it was a great HJ. Damage: Price: $300 massage + 1000 FS + 200 cbj My friends would later tell me that one paid $1300 for FS and another for $1000 FS. Girl was nice, but felt no chemistry. Walked by there later and saw her again and a good looking thick girl. Also, alot more selection at night.
  3. You must have a strong stomach. Out of the 7 of us, 4 of us got some sort of food poisioning from eating street food. I wouldnt eat the street food so I was fine.
  4. @johnri it's not a prob. sounds like u had a great time. idk if i can party in thailand for 3 months. we were all there for 2 weeks and thought 1 week was enough. maybe we're just old now.
  5. Started my vacation here: http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/9613-vacationing-in-thailand-for-way-too-long/ DAY 4 We all had different flights, so we all went our own separate ways. Got into Phuket around lunchtime and took one of those mini-vans for 180b to get to Patong Beach. They had a stop where they tried to get u to buy some vacation package stuff. I just said no and that was it. Took a little more than a hr to get to my airbnb that was about a block from the beach. The pics of the place were nice, but in reality it was pretty shitty. Found out the pics taken were from 2008. Met up with some other friends at a bar and then we rented a van and made our way to Phuket town for some night market. The night market was packed with ppl and really cheap. 100g for 50b Eventually most of us decide to head to Bangla Rd. One of the guys suggested Suzie Wong so we went to the one in the far corner of Soi Dragon or Sea Dragon? I can't remember. SZ is small, but pretty bright. They have some beautiful girls here. IIRC beer is $160 and LD $240. Had one of the girls on stage stare at me the entire time she was on stage only to have her taken the sec she got off the stage by my friends cuz he was sitting right next to the stage exit. She was still looking at me while she was with my friend and tried to send another girl my way. Ya, that girl was not nearly as attractive. There was a dark skinned girl that kinda looked Indian or middle eastern that I also really liked, but never asked really talked to, but her English was great for the 1 min that I did talk to her. After awhile we left and went to some bar next to that Tiger place. Didn’t c really any attractive BGs and most looked bored. They even had a girl dance where there were no one around. Then we ended up at illuzion. Loved the music, but it was loud AF. All FL that I saw were ladyboys. Saw 2 really pretty ones. One was offended when my friend asked if she was one :D.
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