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  1. There's a question on the visa form that asks how long I plan to stay in Thailand. I plan to stay about 90 days. How long should I write in the form?
  2. DAY 5 Nothing special. Went to SZ and bought the one I thought was the hottest a LD. DAY 6 Went this triangle area called soi Kep Sab. Walking down on Rat-U-Thit Rd. from Bangla Road you will find Soi Kep Sab on your right, 200m after Christin Massage. Didnt really c anything I liked and it was prob cuz not many girls around during the daytime. An older woman stopped me and spoke to me in Chinese, but I asked for English :) I asked about this dark skinned cute Issan girl with a great smile girl that was sitting down and she called her over. We talked a bit and negotiated an
  3. You must have a strong stomach. Out of the 7 of us, 4 of us got some sort of food poisioning from eating street food. I wouldnt eat the street food so I was fine.
  4. @johnri it's not a prob. sounds like u had a great time. idk if i can party in thailand for 3 months. we were all there for 2 weeks and thought 1 week was enough. maybe we're just old now.
  5. Started my vacation here: http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/9613-vacationing-in-thailand-for-way-too-long/ DAY 4 We all had different flights, so we all went our own separate ways. Got into Phuket around lunchtime and took one of those mini-vans for 180b to get to Patong Beach. They had a stop where they tried to get u to buy some vacation package stuff. I just said no and that was it. Took a little more than a hr to get to my airbnb that was about a block from the beach. The pics of the place were nice, but in reality it was pretty shitty. Found out the pics taken were
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