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  1. they are proper nasty man!
  2. best thing is to get a laptop and install the software that hacks wifis. then u can pick up wifi where ever u go.
  3. run to cambodia. on return u get 15 days. or if u return by air u get another 30 days.
  4. taxis are sharks. Now with the public transport there is no reason to use taxis to get to the airport. its a rip off
  5. ur backpack is ur life. pay for a good one. u dont want it to fall apart half way through. so buy a good one at home. karrimor is good.
  6. go to cambodia. vietnam is not good regarding the scene.
  7. thanks for the posts, itsunclear which ones are still upto date. maybe we should have some thread with a constant update. a list or something.
  8. yes at times it is down. Just be patient. Its happened a few times.
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