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  1. I have known many LB's over the years. They might be a woman trapped in a man's body or they might be a gay man thinking that he can hook up with more men by looking like a lady. The typical LB transformation is as follows: 1)Wear woman's clothes, a wig, make-up, etc. This group is sometimes referred to as femboys. Simular to what we in the West would label a cross-dresser. 2)Grow their hair long like a girl. Wear woman's clothes all the time. Maybe start taking hormones to develop breasts. 3)Breast implants. Many if not most LB's have breast implants and usually the implants are not small. Hormones will only provide little boobs. From a pnp standpoint, hormones are not good because a LB will lose her ability to get hard. From what LB's have told me, most customers like to get fucked by LB's, so taking female hormones interfers with this service. 4)The big snip. Removal of the cock and balls. A LB who does this is indeed a woman in a man's body as far as I am concerned. This step must take a huge level of commitment to do. These LB's are commonly referred to as a post-op ladyboy. LB's with cocks are referred to as pre-op LB's. Most LB's I have known have been friends of my Thai girlfriends, so I'm guessing that they will be more open and honest when I talk with them. They will tell me the truth (friend) instead of telling me what I want to hear (customer). Thai LB's are much more open than Thai girls. They will talk openly about anything. Many LB's are really nice people. They generally appreciate someone who treats them as a person and is respectful to them. LB's don't often get much respect. In Pattaya, I know many LB's as friends and they treat me, my friends, and my girlfriend very well. They are indeed very sweet and caring individuals. Some LB's are emotionally unstable. This might be due to hormone problems, the way they are treated, etc. Generally speaking, I am very cautious when dealing with LB's that I do not know or who are not friends of my friends. Never intentionally make problems for a LB unless you want your ass kicked. Most LB's are quick to stand up for themselves.
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