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  1. I believe the hotels in Bangkok are a little cheaper during songkran because there are fewer business travelers. One thing is for sure... there is a lot less traffic.
  2. I'll also recommend ThaiPod101. It's far better than what I was doing before (book + CD). I like the format and I love the flashcards. There are actual multiple flashcards for each word or phrase: translation, audio clip of the word, the word written in Thai. You can also create your own flashcard decks. There is a ton of content in the program. I've had his subscription for almost two months and I'm only halfway through Absolute Beginner Season 1. There is also an Absolute Beginner Season 2 and then the Beginner level and it goes up from there. Note: They have a mobile app, which is good for the audio lessons, but you can't get to the flaschards with it. So I have to go to their website (on my phone) and access the flashcards that way. The flashcard webpages are not optimized for smart phone screens, so it's a little wonky. They also have transcripts and notes for every lesson, handouts (cheat sheets), over 100 video lessons, your study stats and more. You can get your own real-live tutor, but that's only for the Premium PLUS subscription. I didn't sign up for that. I go to my local Thai restaurant each week and practice with the girls there. If you watch their website, they sometimes have some good sales. I got a 6 month Premium membership for $72.
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