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  1. Samitivej Hospital is a good alternative to Bumrungrad (and cheaper). On Sukhumvit Soi 49. https://www.samitivejhospitals.com/
  2. Wow! :angry: Sympathy for you and your fellow-travellers. Let us know how you get on with the reimbursement.
  3. EVA has been my airline of choice for over ten years. Infinitely better than any of the Chinese airlines I've been on (domestic and international). I fly at the pointed end, but EVA's Premium Economy looks good too.
  4. Stayed there countless times - excellent all-round service.
  5. Try here: http://www.jusmagthai.com/rao.html
  6. Used to live at Omni 13 years ago: absolutely no complaints. Since then prices have gone up and quality of service has nose-dived. Avoid it if you can. Grand President is also tubing fast - as Butt Viking suggests, plenty of other well-located service apartments available these days.
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    OP: your post is still vague - are you seeking an annual extension of your retirement visa or a 90 day Notification of Staying in Thailand? If the former, you need to appear in person; if the latter, you can do it online. If you're still unclear, post a pic here of your current visa stamp (obscure personal details before scanning).
  8. kansuwan

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    Save yourself the trip - do it online.
  9. Grand President has had its day. Great place to stay only if you enjoy karaoke from the room/suite next door at 03.30hrs, practicing rugby scrum techniques at breakfast time and when trying to check in/out. Thrill as yet another deodorant-free package group from a certain place try to negotiate extra discount on checking in and gasp as they load bags up with breakfast fare for the long day ahead. Staff very unhappy at the changed demographic of its client base. Who can blame them?
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