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  1. The vans are coffins on wheels. Get a Camry.
  2. Immigration police raided a lot of these Sukhumvit Airbnb places a month or two ago.
  3. http://www.silomclinic.in.th/ This place is the best and it's completely free. Just read how it's funded and run to find out why - thanks Uncle Sam! It's history goes back to the US Govt opening and funding a locally run clinic for all the US personnel in country during the Vietnam war when they needed to treat them for STI's outside of the official US systems for obvious reasons. Oh, only thing is you have to say you're gay, bi, or like ladyboys to use it and they don't treat women.
  4. True, and there's Phachara and Dynasty Grand on Soi6 for similar prices. By comparable i was meaning other big chain 4* places.
  5. Yeah that's same sorta price as comparable hotels. It's a great location for nightlife and daytime shopping, easy to get to the malls etc. I would def book it just cause it will be all new and fresh and have al the latest spec DT stuff and tech in all the rooms etc.
  6. Looks like it maybe. I never stayed at Majestic Grande or on Soi 2 so can't say for sure.
  7. Bit closer to the action than the one on Soi 26. https://doubletree3.hilton.com/en/hotels/thailand/doubletree-by-hilton-bangkok-ploenchit-BKKSODI/index.html
  8. It's very good. The building isn't as big but they've tried (and mainly succeeded) to recreate the same style. Inside they have all the decor and fitments etc they had saved in storage from the old place and they even managed to track down a consignment of the long out of production terracotta floor tiles in a Spanish warehouse. Upstairs on the balcony on the corner sofas is a lovely place to lounge the evening away.
  9. That's what I do, did it over NYE at DoubleTree Bangkok, 20,000 points a night when the room rate was way above normal because of NYE etc. Booked 4 nights, 5th night free. Didn't get the usual free room upgrade though as the hotel was fully booked but the standard rooms are nice enough. You can also use the pool and facilities at the Soi24 Hilton if you want.
  10. You won't find as nice as Landmark for same price, def not for 100 Euro's in the Nana area. There's a brand new Novotel on Soi4, like just opened, and it has a cool roof bar too. Coming up at about 60 Euro's a night booking direct for a random night a couple of months ahead right now when i just checked. 10% off that if you're an Accor club member. I'd stay there just because everything is new, fresh, will be working, not worn out and you know the aircon will be clean and crisp. Staff will still be trying to impress too, probably being overseen by someone from HO for the first couple o
  11. Reopening on Soi 11 very soon, awesome :D https://coconuts.co/bangkok/food-drink/exclusive-hemingways-reopen-soi-11-january-weve-got-details/
  12. I like the new top floor and roof bars too. Nice relaxed atmopshre and they can make decent cocktails.
  13. That would be absolutely amazing if true. That has made my day, thank you :)
  14. Yeah a big drawback to get back late at nigh from Sukhumvit, especially on wrong side of river. You will be asking a few taxi drivers to take you before one does and then good luck with getting it on meter. A lot of girls won't go back there also, way too far and away from where they live to get back to as well.
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