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    Various .. travel .. rugby sevens .. thai food .. thai culture .. thai cuisine .. hong kong .. retirement .. all not necessarily in that order

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  1. good compilation of pictures .. I often stay soi 11 .. salil and president palace .. and will again this april 2015 stay in both .. its always a good soi .. even when the bars shut .. the hi-ace open for the desperate .. will enjoy again .. peter
  2. hi .. has anyone played a round of golf at the khon kaen g course .. and does anyone recommend the charoen hotel there .. I have made a booking at the hotel and am considering checking the golf course also for a morning of exercise before an afternoon of beer
  3. hi .. anyone going to the hong kong rugby sevens for 2015 .. if you are .. maybe give me a message as I will be attending again .. many times previously .. for the event .. it would be nice maybe to catch up for a beer and also maybe make plans for catching up again in april / may in Thailand too .. an avid aussie supporter .. peter
  4. hi .. am going to be heading to chiang mai next april / may .. with a group of mates .. and I want to have some idea of the area where the best bars are and maybe not just one or two bars .. but multi numbers .. so a good crawl can be done during a good afternoon / night smiles peter // aussie
  5. hi .. just putting a feeler out for any nice places to stay in silom / sathorn area .. not looking at expensive hotels with Olympic pools etc .. but somewhere close to some action .. ie pat pong .. and maybe some other close by drinking / eating locations .. also being gf will be of assistance .. looking at about 5 nights .. 4th - 9th October 13 .. smiles .. peter
  6. hi .. just saw your friendship message here .. how are you .. what is the latest with you .. all fine with me .. heading back to thailand in october .. bkk for last week of october .. cheers .. peter

  7. hi .. saturday night ..still in hong kong .. arrive again april fools day .. so not too sure about the sunday night .. i am catching up with others that evening .. but maybe we all venture there .. haha .. smiles .. peter

  8. Pete - I cant post direct links to my bar but try to find Checkinn99 between Sukhumvit rd Soi 5 & 7 On Saturday night 31Mar I am celebrating between 9&10pm (free flow Heineken for an hour). The band are great and its an excellent no hassles place for baby boomers - the next night 1Apr we have a full on Blues Brothers night. Cheers Chris

  9. thanks bundy .. 3 out of 3 recommendations to buy in aust .. leads me to have more faith in my country .. smiles .. pete mac
  10. hi ibf .. thanks also to you for your views .. i will resort to aust or maybe hong kong .. cheers .. pete mac
  11. hi frosty .. and thanks for your useful infomation .. i will resort to my own country or maybe hong kong as i am also going there next year for the rugby sevens .. cheers .. pete mac
  12. i feel that the wholesalers who advertise for the hotel bookings would not really have too much in the way of bad hotels .. and as others mention, it is advisable to read the guests reviews of there stays / experiences .. only a minority place bad reports and often they are based on "one single event" going wrong .. best advice is to stay away from those which are not placed in the wholesalers sites .. good to have this question here though, as i am sure there must be some that do not provide what they advertise .. being a bad hotel will only lead for its closure, and with all the competition about, they are not able to afford a bad report / review smiles pete mac
  13. hi .. i have stayed at the woraburi on soi 4 several times .. always been gf .. no id etc required .. just a nice smile as you pass reception .. rates are pretty good for the rooms .. depending on which wholesaler, the cost is roughly 30-40 per night with breakfast included .. the location is ideal, far enough away from the noise / bustle of the bars but close enough to walk etc .. and also provides tuk tuk to bts nana .. smiles .. pete mac
  14. looks like a nice place .. and will certainly have a closer look when staying in soi 22 next april .. would be nice to know whether aussie sports are showing on tv there while enjoying a beer and snack .. website does not indicate about sports being shown yet !! .. pete mac
  15. hi .. hope someone out there may provide some info on a recommened location to purchase a laptop in bangkok .. also looking at apple i-pad too .. any ideas will be much appreciated .. going there next march - may 2012 .. pete mac
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