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  1. Some light at the end of the tunnel.... at least we all hope. I'm still hoping for a end of the year trip but will follow the news and forum daily for updates.
  2. Grab was my personal preference because of the easy of use and relative safe/hassle-free transport. I did find the trips to and from the airport/hotel a bit on the heavy side price-wise but after a long trip I really don't wanna haggle on prices and just want to get to my hotel asap. Only thing I didn't like was the random driver that cancelled a drive just 5 minutes before arriving or just accepting and immediately cancelling. I would love to use the subway more for the daily stuff (for the more standard shopping) as I love it in my own country but I'm always a little more hesitant in foreign countries because of the language barrier. Next time around I will definitely give it a try as it seems pretty straight forward and the time-saving can be significant during rush hours (which seem to be basically always in Bangkok) A late night live saver.... For food-delivery Foodpanda was great too
  3. The prices are better then most of the hotels I normally look at (Shama for example). But it looks a little bit older style of hotel... I haven't been there myself but I kind of a sucker for new and shiny I guess.
  4. Was just watching a 112bangkok youtube clip (Febr 2020, CLIP) and everything seems business as usual around Nana. Didn't seem like anyone was overly troubled. Hell, it was hard to see anybody with a mask. He did check in the clip if there were any masks for sale but they where all sold out. Best advice is too just take as many as you need with you if your planning on using them. I'm from Indian descent (from the Netherlands btw) and don't know if this makes any diffenrence (never did) but I'm guessing if your Chinese looking you may get some biased looks... Even here in the Netherlands, with no known cases of the virus, some are biased against people from Chinese backgrounds...
  5. I'm currently in the proces of booking my May trip... Everything in me wants me to just book but I'm conflicted. My trip is work related but my employer isn't pressuring me to go so I can postpone. The cases in Thailand don't seem to grow very much but somewhere I don't trust the Thai government in there predictions and numbers as they are heavily reliant on the tourist sector. Are there any people in Bangkok right now or made a trip recently? How's the situation on the streets? Business as usual?
  6. Lohas looks great. Was looking at the One bedroom balcony suite there. The hidden path to Soi 4 is really nice to know. I liked this about the Shama hotel. Easy acces to both Soi 4 and 2 directly from the hotel. I'm guessing they are girl-friendly so this looks like a great option! Thanks for the recommendation. How are people reacting too the Corona virus btw? Are there any significant changes or behaviors?
  7. Thanks for the tip! I have seen this hotel when I was searching online and it looks great. I'm really considering just quitting smoking because that would make everything so much easier (and healthier, a nice consequence).
  8. Also looks very nice. Location is quite good too. It's on the list! Is there a no smoker policy too? Or was that remark still based on Phachara? Vaping is not for me. Just is missing something I don't know. I would be to scared just to ignore the door guy if that was me and would have just payed the guy. Especially if I'm solo hunting... Let me know how Lohas turns out. Read some mixed reviews on TripAdvisor so I'm really curious.
  9. I'm a smoker too so a balcony is a must for me. Phachara is off my list then. Thanks for the feedback! Looked at your recommend hotels and Alt Nana looks great but the I like to be in the middle of the action. I think I will be back at my go to hotel, Shama Sukhumvit. It's more expensive ($69 per night) but the room is big with a full kitchen setup, services is great and has a balcony to smoke on. Stayed here in the past and the hotel is girl-friendly. Cons are that it is more expensive then comparable hotels and for some weird reason it's more of a family oriented hotel despite it's location. A lot of middle eastern families stay there which baffled me the last time I stayed there seeing as the location is so close to all the action. Enjoy the mirrors and let us know how much this enhancement your experience with the honeys!
  10. Do any of you have any recommendations for a long term apartment? I'm going to Bangkok in May for a 2 week project but want stay 2 weeks extra for some sightseeing and, of course, some pleasure. Looking for something with a kitchen and preferably a balcony (I'm a smoker). I'm currently torn between 2 different hotels for 2 week periodes (the hotel provide for me is not in a great location for fun stuff) or just renting a airbnb /long term service apartment. Does someone have any recommendations? I've been looking online and the only hotel remotely interesting looking is Arcadia Residences. They quoted me 50000 baht (incl. taxes) for 30 nights which is a little expensive but still manageable. Airbnb is usually cheaper but not much for me because I like a good and central location. In addition I'm kind of put off Airbnb because of all negative attitude against "tourist" in condos (especially because of my mongering ways). Thanks in advance!
  11. Well, you need something to get all that shit out if your gonna be busy so it's nice to see that they specifically cater to our needs 😉 Let me know how the hotel (and the entertainment) was! This hotel is on my short list for my trip in May so I would love to know your opinion of the rooms and the general services. Be sure, if you want a balcony, to let them know in advance because according to the website it's only available in selected rooms.
  12. Was looking for a hotel and found something you might like. Some rooms at Phachara Suites have a big closet with mirror doors right opposite the bed.
  13. I love Airbnb most of the time, but I guess in Bangkok, hotels are just a better option. If you know that it's not legal and renting is a risk I personally think the risk isn't worth it. Story where you're not allowed to make noise after?? PM or the apartment owner picks your luggage up and delivers it to your room first so that, at first entry, you don't look like a tourist or can't talk to staff property. Hotels are fine and most are guest friendly, so this is probably your safest bet. You lose a some privacy, but if you can get used to it, then a hotel is probably fine. If it's in your budget, you can try serviced appartments. I find those the most close experience to a Airbnb (I like to have a kitchen and washer).
  14. I'm really interested in this hotel for my trip in Feb 2020 so Im following this topic from now on. Just saw some new pictures on the main hotel site (https://doubletree3.hilton.com/en/hotels/thailand/doubletree-by-hilton-bangkok-ploenchit-BKKSODI/index.html) but I hope the one bedroom apartment will be available in Feb 2020 (as of now only the "Terrace Suite" is bookable). Looking forward to the first member reviews!
  15. I stayed in the Shama Sukhumvit which is on Soi 2/4 just opposite Hillary 2 and a 2 min walk to Nana plaza and is a great great hotel, big rooms with a balcony and just close enough to hear/feel/enjoy the sounds of the busy nightlife. Maybe a little bit more more on the expensive side if you consider the basic hotel breakfast and food-options in the hotel (80 - 100 dollar a night). Girl-friendly hotel, i personally never took a girl home from the street or Nana plaza but had more then one girl over ordered from Smooci (love Smooci btw). Staff was perfect in this regard, they "check in" the girl, called me when the visitor arrived and send her to my floor/room. They did take ID expect for one girl that told them she was my girlfriend. The hotel property can be accessed from either Soi 2 (if you want a nice and peaceful walk without being harnessed by all girl/ladyboys) or the exit on Soi 4 (after 8PM it's full of action).
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