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  1. So there is a cross over then, is it far away from the hotel? The answer is probably yes but is it GF ? Thanks
  2. Thanks a lot, the BTS worry me a bit cause i'll be there with my kid and his pushchair, i don't mind to be a bit far cause at night we use taxi and the traffic is not that bad. Maybe you would know another hotel with a easyer BTS access wich offer the same prices range with the same rooms and pool standing. Cheers
  3. Defenatly the best is Scoozi pizzas,and you can order on-line wich is great because you don't have to explain to the operator where your hotel is. Pizza company as the hangover remedy though...
  4. Anybody stayed there? Any reviews? http://www.hopelandhotel.com/
  5. The best hotel in BKK at the moment the 3 Bedrooms suite is at 21 000 for one night with a private sauna and plexiglass private pool on the roof (look like the one on the lobby floor). Great deal to share with friends if you don't mind paying 7000 each.
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