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  1. On my recent trip I DATY'd every girl I was with, and DATO'd the ones who let me. I was so inhibited on my first trip and really regretted it. This trip I had a blast. I protected myself as much as I could, I had a course of Hep A and B shots and I took a holiday course of Prep. Anything else should be treatable. Only really bad risk was HPV and I've already been down that road so no point in a shot for it. No DATY/DATO would be really unfulfilling for me so I'm willing to take the risk, knowing that I've done everything I could to protect myself. Obv thorough visual inspection beforehand and any sense of funky odor/taste and I don't partake. But there wasn't a single lady with that issue. I generally don't go for the outwardy slutty and I don't know if that played a part! You just have to ask yourself what really does it for you in a party. If I could have a mindblowing time without DATY/DATO, I'd probably not do it. But is an essential for me.
  2. Hi guys Just looking for any ideas you may have. I had originally booked to stay at Sukhumvit 6/1 but have now decided to spend the rest of my trip (until Sunday) in Pattaya. I'm in Pattaya just now but my suitcase is at my Sukhumvit hotel. So at some point (probably Saturday) I'm going to have to return to pick up my suitcase. I got the bus down from the East terminal but there was a lot of waiting around so I'd like to take a cab if possible. I'm probably going to want to spend a few hours when I get back to Bangkok as I really want to try Dr BJ. So I'm guessing that rules out taking a cab and having them wait for me. Other than paying around 2 x 1200 for a taxi or spending the extra waiting time taking the bus, is there any alternative that you guys can think of which may work? Thanks
  3. Hi all Just wondering if anyone can recommend any tailors for (UK) work shirts in the Sukhumvit area that won't rip me off? Thanks
  4. Just to follow up, there wasn't even a second glance made. Thanks all :)
  5. Thanks both, that's actually very reassuring. The rest of the passport, including photo page is fine, and the damage on the one page is still attached. I'll take proof of return journey, the required 10,000THB and some big smiles :) Thanks
  6. Hi all I'm due to travel to BKK next week for the first time. I've just read on the UK govt website that Thai immigration are likely to refuse entry if your passport is damaged. I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience of this or has successfully travelled on a damaged passport? My passport isn't hugely damaged but there was a staple from an old entry form on one page which I removed and which caused a tear, although no part is missing, there is just a small triangle of a page hanging off, just under 1cm. I didn't think anything of it at the time but getting a little worried now! How strict is Thai immigration on these things? Thanks!
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