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  1. If you are on a budget and don´t mind old and noisy right on Sukhumvit, and just around the corner from Nana Plaza Soi 4... you have the Parkway Inn with mirrors on wall behind the bed! 😉 Plahgat
  2. Hi! I stayed at DI Place a few days in 2017. It´s tucked in a small side lane just off Soi 4, with several other cheap small places to stay. Rooms are clean but very tiny only 18 m2, and I think only the front rooms have windows. No place to put your luggage, just a few hangers in the corner. There is no real balcony, but you can open the big window and step out on a thin ledge if you want to smoke. Location is great just steps from Beerbars and NEP, but when I stayed there was a makeshift small streetbar opened at night just downstairs from the hotel with s
  3. Lots of "barbershops" in Hat Yai, Southern Thailand! :rolleyes: Plahgat
  4. This is true yes ... you apply for a 2 month touristvisa in your homecountry, and then you can extend in at any Immigration Office in Thailand before the 60 days are finished for another 30 days for 1900 baht. Plahgat
  5. I ususally stay around Sukhumvit Soi 4 Nana. I've done all 3 areas in one night on several occasions, Skytrain to Patpong(20 min) then Metro back to Soi Cowboy(10 min) and walk back(15 min) to Nana. Gives you 1-2 hours in each place. I've also barfined a girl from Kings Castle 2 and took her by taxi to my room in Nana for a short time. Plahgat
  6. It's called Pier 21 and on 5th San Fransisco floor, behind the Golden Gate Bridge. Huge eating area with some seats inside near the windows with a nice view. Pad Thai want cost you more than 50 baht at the most! :rolleyes: You buy a card that you use for paying for the food and hand it in at the cashiers when you leave and collect the change. Eat here all the time when in BKK, although it has become overloaded with CC Chinese tourists lately, so hard to find a seat during rush hours! Plahgat
  7. "A Swedish man died after suffering complications during a penis enhancement surgery, according to a recently published case report. The 30-year-old relatively healthy patient wanted a penile elongation and girth enhancement surgery, which includes transferring fat from one area of the body and replacing it in the penis. Surgeons finished the elongation part of the procedure and were in the process of injecting the patient with transferred fat, when the man started experiencing complications, according to a report in the Journal of Forensic Sciences. The man's heart began to race, and his bl
  8. Not sure what time they close. Bought 2 pack of Sidegra 100 mg x 4 yesterday at 180 baht each. Plahgat
  9. Sidegra has the same ingredient (Sildenafil) as Viagra and Kamagra so works the same! Take it on an empty stomach and you'll be ready to go within 30 minutes! You should avoid eating a few hours before as it will delay the effect. Fatty foods and excess amounts of alcohol might also interact with the pill decreasing and delaying the effect. Plahgat
  10. Charoen Pharmacy is just to the left on Sukhumvit Rd before you enter Soi 4 Nana, after the gas-station near Bully's Pub. It's a big openfronted drugstore that sells a lot of stuff. You just tell the guy at the counter that you want to buy a pack of Sidegra/Viagra, and he'll get one from under the counter and hand over to you, no questions asked! Plahgat
  11. No prescription needed as you buy from "under the counter". ;) No reason whatever for the police to show up at your hotel! :rolleyes: So don't worry! Plahgat
  12. It's exactly the same ingredient Sildenafil so the effect is the same as well no difference except the price! Plahgat
  13. I have bought Sidegra in Pattaya for 200 baht several times at a small pharmacy on Soi Diana left handside coming from Second Rd just past the entrance to Soi LK Metro near the Soi Bua Khao junction. Plahgat
  14. Sidegra is 180 baht for a box with 4X 100 mg pills, at Charoen Pharmacy next to Bullys Pub to the right of the entrance to Soi 4 Nana Sukhumvit Rd. Plahgat
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