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  1. RAM8 - Thank you for all the info. I stayed here and I liked it. True no window and no bum gun but clean and very convenient. Friendly staff and chic environment for a 40 room hotel. Breakfast and service were a plus. I had a good night sleep here. I did not need to bring anyone into the room because I just discovered Aviva opposite the hotel reception. I posted a separate report on Aviva. Dieter :)
  2. When in Europe I use Skype (Skype to Skype) becaause is free. However, lycamobile does a very good deal at 1/2 pence per minute. Their sim cards can be purchased at a UK post office and topped up at many convenience stores. Also, if you and your sweetheart have android based mobiles or IPhones, then try downloading VIPER and you will be able to make free calls on VOIP (free over the internet). :rolleyes:
  3. 01 November 2011 - Although northern districts in BKK are badly affected by the flooding, the barrier have been working well so far and lower Sukhumvit and Silom areas remain dry. The information available at times is inconsistent and finding bottled water has remained a pain. Dieter :mellow:
  4. If you are looking for cheap and quick, there are plenty of those in BKK. However, if your suits falls to bits few weeks later do not blame me. A friend of mine who is sharp dresser highly rates Raja's Fashion in Soi 4 (near the entrance to NP) and opposite the Nana car park. I took his advice and went to have some made to measure shirts, which set me back 1,100thb each. They were made of Egyptian cotton and I could choose style of collar etc. I was very happy with the feel and how long they lasted and since then I have gone back for some trousers and more shirts. The seervice was first class. Dieter :huh:
  5. The post from Adore was quite spot on. Incedentally, at Phaya Thai, they have a lift and that will help you avoid the steps. I love the fact that you no longer have to worry about traffic, taxi drivers behaving like lunatics and/or not putting the meter on. BTW, it is possible to purchase some kind of smart card for the Sky train, add soem credit to it and save yourself looking for spare change. Dieter :unsure:
  6. How about the new Terminal 21 near Asoke station? It has recently opened and they have one floor dedicated to food for local office people, meaning good taste and not expensive. Dieter :mellow:
  7. I totally endorse this Rosabieng. I chose to eat outside, the service was a little slow but it was a busy night. I did not mind because the music was good and the food worth the wait and the price was very reasonable. Great place to relax and meet friends. Dieter :rolleyes:
  8. Although some may think of it as crazy to train when in Bangkok, I do enjoy a little fitness work out when I visit. However, the problem is that unless you are prepared to buy a club membership for places like WOW California, it is hard to find some decent gyms open on a pay as you go basis. I checked out the one in Siam Paragon which is cool (except the showers and dress room where a lot gays walk around)but I decided not to join. Does anyone have any advice of where to access a reasonably equipped gym in Bangkok when visiting for a week or so? Txs Dieter B)
  9. I bought a one day ticket for around 150thb if I remember correctly. I was then able to hop on and off all day. Great value for money. Dieter :rolleyes:
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