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  1. Ibis Nana is a great little hotel- 7 floors..well, I say little as the rooms are not really big, but close to Majestic Suites in size of room..a little down the Soi from Plaza away from Sukhumvit, but this is good for me..even has free shuttle from hotel to Nana skytrain if you ask.. less than 5 minutes walk..great price, very nice new rooms..clicks on all points for me and is very, very, as they say.. mak mak girl friendly. It does not have a pool though. Has a parking lot. and the first thing I always do is pay the 550 bahts to desk by elavator..who put together trip and tours...a
  2. Ibis are currently having a big sale with all their hotels in Bangkok..even a new one opening up on the River front, in Jan. That one does seems a little to far out from action, but the Sathorn one is close to Silom or PatPong. I have only been there once off Sala Daeng..This hotel is probably a walk to that..but it does have the free shuttle to MRT and BTS. I know Sukhumvit almost too well. I just want to branch out..while still having easy access with Skytrain/MRT. See some new neighborhoods. Ibis was having 50% off sales..so, for 900 baht with taxes-in Bangkok..ya can't really go w
  3. Mickey D's for mongers..10 billion served...an institution..Yes, even a little-bit Old World charm..Me thinks. Went there when airport closure-- and other booking up--Just fealt like home :unsure:
  4. Please God Please--pay one more trip... :unsure:
  5. I love Sukhumvit sooo much..and many many side streets as well. Like any city- just look like you know what you're doing-No Problem..and keep on walking when you want to and say No Thank you. Most of the time- if you don't look for trouble-things OK.. I feel so much safer on Sukhumvit than most major U.S. cities..
  6. Here we go again..I pray for all the people. I can only think about what happened in the devastation in Indian Ocean basin. East coast Thailand??? Put word out..
  7. Yup, stayed there first time in Bangkok-years ago..a little expensive for my budget-but worth the cost-if not, too poor-a monger-like me. What I really liked about the place is it impressed my girl.. big time..Wanted to be long-time girlfriend-quick. She seen the potential $$$! But, OH well, even though fine, beautiful, and Nasty...I was moving on to another city..bet you can't guess which one ;) :P B)
  8. Still think Good- to have a pocket dictionary..phrase book..the girls love it when you try in hotel...have pity..on you..Like the effort..Want to teach..It's fun and connections made.Plus, ;) you know better if you want long-time with girl verses just short time-given her reactions.
  9. Yes, will take directly to hotel..I think 200 baht..On-line go to Bell Travel Service-must sign up for account-easy...Late at night. I never had problem getting a public taxi..Ask any of desks coming out of customs and you will be directed to door. Metered-taxi-they-signing you up will talk to the taxi drivers- by door-so understand- where you go. I think-plus 50 baht taxi tax..plus, more honest than taxi touts walking around inside Airport..Gut Feeling..makes me nervous..maybe just me ;) :P If you got someone waiting with sign No problem, but always more expensive.
  10. Yes, not to be smart, but if you can mostly party all night-everynight-so need for black-out drapes is essential! Sleep most of the day--and more mongering the rest of the night--would work on a short term-say a week stay and hotel that out of way off Sukumvit some. I am just saying-great short trip and you don't have to get drunk everynight-unless so inclined ;) :P
  11. Jasmine Executive Suites is the place to go if you want to be 100 meters from the start of Soi Cowboy. It's easy walking-right there at Askoke where you can get on Skytrain BTS or Subway MRT. The Jasmine Executive Suites can be gotten for a reasonable price on Agoda. It is much better than Jasmine City which is in same building. Girls friendly!!! I like Jacuzzi and view. Not loud but looks at the Skytrain and you can hear it, but nothing disturbing. Nice buffet breakfast included,and of course in-room safe. I highly recommend! tigerstail from P-A
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