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  1. any recommendations on immunizatons one should get before traveling to Thailand? i have every shot a tourist would get and more because my employer requires it. at the same time, i am amazed at how few of my friends have had a single shot in the past 10 years. if i did not have all my shots, i would definitely get them. no offense to thailand or any other country, but standards of living are different, and more importantly, i would come into contact with people from all over the place.
  2. Anybody experience bed bugs in BKK? i ask because my friend warned me that bed bugs would thrive in BKK's weather and with the high turnover of tourists. Yes. They are real. something from the flea family. many years ago, i stayed at a us motel and got eaten alive by bed bugs. my legs were covered by all these small bites and they were so itchy. just saw another us tv show warning about them in us. if they are in the US, they could be anywhere.
  3. Any recommendations where i could get simple halloween costume in BKK? Ran out of time to look for one in US---specifically, a lone ranger / mardi gras mask that just cover the eyes. i really want to take photos of the ladies in my room. Noticed many turning away from the camera or covering their face with pillow / towel. my idea is to let them wear the simple mask, so at least i can see their smile. actually, hope her mouth will be occupied. that specific angle would be a great souvenir. of course if I get photos, will share.
  4. Anybody know where there are digital photo kiosks? Those self-service machines that allow you to insert memory card and print photos. Key is self-service because I do not want others seeing my photos. Did not see any during my last trip. No plans to print all my photos but there might be a few that i want to share, if i were to make any new friends.
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