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  1. City Lodge, Soi 9 Sukhumvit, May 2010 Telephone: + 66 2253 7705 Email: [email protected] Web: www.amari.com I stayed in room 592 (superior room on the back side) at City Lodge on Soi 9 the first week of May 2010. This is an older eight story Hotel on the corner of Soi 9 and Sukhumvit that is one of the Amari chain of Hotels. It is one block from the Soi with Eden Club and about four blocks to Nana Entertainment Plaza. A bit of a walk to Soi Cowboy but well within the capacity of a sober tourist. The Nana BTS station is also a few steps away. The room was booked via www.latestays.com
  2. 5 May 2010 Ever Rich has a sign on the fron door stating "Hot Deals" 1000 TBH.
  3. Try My link They are partnered with Agoda. They show a rate of $28/promotion. My rate was more than that to get a "Delux" room. P.S. Linen was still laying in the hall when I left.
  4. Eight Inn, soi eight , April 2010 I cannot give a positive recommendation. Good news is that it is very clean. I only stayed 3 nights and I am writing this the second day. The room has yet to be serviced (although there are now clean linens laying in the hall). Room has hardwired internet service that never blinked. Bad news is that there is nowhere to plug in the computer unless you disconnect the TV. As I do not watch TV that was not a problem. There is no in room safe. I reserved a Deluxe room and got a two twins. The balcony amounts to a ledge with some flower pots on it. The bathroo
  5. 4:00 AM Tuesday morning (well I think it is tuesday). Walked down sukumvitt to asoke. Now I have only been here since midnight but there were troops and police on both sides of sukumvitt back west past Mickk D's. I was not concerned about the "unrest" because ererything I read said that the actions had been confined to other areas. This has a me a bit concerned.
  6. AH ... I remember them. They sent my luggage (and most importantly my coat) to Denver when I went to Alaska (in January). Try walking around Anchorage in January dressed in summer blues. Somehow I have never forgotten (or forgiven) that. Delta does partner with Korean Air for some of the Asia routes. KA is a good airline to fly. Have a good trip and a happy holiday!
  7. I generally start with http://www.vayama.com/ Then hit the Airlines site for a comparison. Hint: Singapore Air. They do not always show up on other sites and they have some interesting schedules from the US to Singapore. Quick jump from Singapore to Bangkok. They have one route that goes Houston to Moscow to Singapore (talk about going OVER the top of the world) with connections into Bangkok. Also they have the best in flight service of any airline that I have been on.
  8. I was just browsing Agoda's map. When the "DREAM" hotel poped up with .... well I wonder if Agoda would honor it ??
  9. Just spent a week there. Forget the view. Beds were large but the rooms were a bit tight. WifI was hot or miss. I was on the top floor and they had a router at each end of the hall (one right outside my door). It was still hit or miss. I think they need to have someone come in and check their LAN. Service was good, staff friendly. Hot water was "not" ... warm at best.
  10. I failed to mention that I was "escorted" down the street and back by a "bussiness" like individual. He did in fact tell em I was free to walk down the street and look ... but only look. I felt the better course of action was to take him at his word.

    Thanks for the correction. Wifi access at my BKK location is not dependable. I will not be making other posts untill I ...

  11. Saw this on the PA forum: http://www.bangkokpost.com/breakingnews/160271/udd-expects-one-million-red-shirts-to-join-rally ============================ The United front for Democracy against Dictatorship expects one million red-shirts will turn out for a mass anti-government demonstration to bring down the government, planned from Nov 29 to Dec 3, UDD core leader Jatuporn Promphan said on Tuesday. “It will be a five-day gathering of at least one million red-shirts and we will make the war against the government as short as possible. The red-shirts will not lay siege to Government Hous
  12. We all know about the dozens (is that number too low) of tailors. Are there places to get leather good made as well? I am thinking shoes and belts? Would be nice to have a pair of shoes that actually fit properly.
  13. So avoid consuming alcoholic beverages ?? :lol:
  14. What about water buffalo fever and sponsoritis?
  15. I got a similar story in Singapore last year. OK ... sat down in a chair in the lobby and pulled out the laptop and my 3G moden. Suddenly the reduced rate was available for walk ins. But I think they gave me the worst broom closet they had available.
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