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  1. IIRC you can access that Super RIch by not going past the turnstiles.
  2. Recommend Bangkok Smile. They reply to emails in a timely manner when scheduling. Prices are on their website. If you are from the US though, Tijuana is cheaper. If you're an ex-pat in Thailand, Bangkok Smile is a good choice as well as Dentist Beach at Central Festival in Pattaya.
  3. What does this matter when enforcing the meters is nonexistent.
  4. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-08-02/thailand-probes-reports-of-bangkok-blasts-as-city-hosts-summit Multiple Blasts Hit Bangkok, Injuring at Least Two, as Thailand Hosts Asean Meeting
  5. Pretty much this. Kodak, been to Thailand before, right?
  6. You are allowed 1 guest. For more than 1 guest, you pay 500 baht additional for each guest beyond the 1st one. It's a good place to stay.
  7. At 5 or 6am? You might find some sitting at the beer carts drinking, but yes, pretty much empty. What is your expectation at 6am when the sun is coming up?
  8. I just walk from Soi 4 to Thermae or to Soi Cowboy which isn't bad at all. Now if you have a girl with you, you pretty much have to get a taxi and likely will get ripped off in the process. I stay away from tuktuks for the most part but occassionally still hop on Sukhumvit only.
  9. I can't stay at Majestic anymore. My last visit had bugs, and the upkeep of the hotel seems down as my tub/shower wouldn't drain properly, so ended up having to disassemble the drain cover the last couple times. If you're looking for budget, them Boss fits the bill though that place is haggarded too. Now I just pay extra and stay at the Landmark, but that seems out of your budget. You can stay anywhere on Soi 4 and be ok with girls going to your place. You may be better off further down Soi 4 to avoid the noise.
  10. 500 baht is more than enough, and that includes toll and tip. I paid 400 baht but arrived at 10:25pm. That is cheap and far more comfortable.
  11. Pattaya will celebrate Songkran beyond the 15th and is slated to go to the 19th.
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