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  1. Interesting, I knew hotels were required to do this, I didn't realize landlords and such also. Or I suppose even an overnight stay at a friends house? And I find this amusing: The Bangkok Post spoke to several Thai landlords but none wanted to discuss the matter out of concern they might be fined by the Immigration Bureau (IB).
  2. I am vaguely aware of some law that hotels need to register foreign guests.... Every time you check into a hotel, they ask for your passport and take down the information of all registered guests, apparently have to send it somewhere. I remember the owner at a small hotel up in an Isaan village explaining to me when asking for my passport... But, I can't really imagine this is closely enforced, if only because of the number of tourists. Although, I'm not sure why whoever's renting the airbnb would be unable to send this in to be compliant...
  3. I've never been scammed by a taxi from the airport, I think they have licenses checked and extra scrutiny required to do pick ups there. And it's my understanding the airport link rail doesn't run all night. I might be wrong. I know last time in town (3 years ago, and ever other time before that) BTS and MRT was closed at (or before) midnight.
  4. https://devilsdenthailand.com/vip-bus.html No first hand experience from me with the transportation option. I did have a nice time at their location several years ago...
  5. Formerly known as Majestic Grande? http://www.majesticgrande.com/ I remember the elevators requiring way to much patients... The rooms were very nice, and a good location.
  6. What a kind caring guy... I might have just given the taxi 1k baht to deal with it and left. (but, honestly, as near as that situation I was ever in she ran to the loo and got sick from bouncing on me cowgirl style, and I walked her back to the bar I found her hoping someone there would care.)
  7. My stay at the Landmark was better than 10 years ago... But the best thing about it (other than location) was the quality of the food. They included a free breakfast with my room, and it was the best breakfast I've had at any hotel before.
  8. If the get to the corner, make sure there is time left to cross. And there is a traffic police lookout station on the far corner for police officer to sit inside and have a full view of all traffic on the intersection while they nap. But really, the most dangerous issue I've encountered at that intersection is an 8 year old girl trying to lift my wallet. Last trip (3 years ago) there was a continual group of children hanging around the corner pan handling, etc, generally harassing tourists while waiting for the light. (on the Cowboy side, in front of the Citi bank)
  9. Are you aware the lobby isn't on ground floor? Ride the elevator up to, I think the 7th floor? Really, not an issue when I was there (over 10 years ago) and didn't have any issue bringing girls back. Even had a girl that I met at a massage parlor that agreed to meet me at my hotel after she got off work show up at my door after giving her my room number. Just, kinda different... If you're gonna stay there, don't be surprised when you're ushered in the elevator before checking in. (actually having to wait for an elevator twice every time I came / left was irritating, but they were quick).
  10. Assuming you've never been there, what you'll discover when you are is that traffic is horrible. And actually crossing Sukhumvit, getting from one side to the other, safely, is done either at a skytrain station (going up through the station), using one of the somewhat regular (and pretty sketchy looking) overhead crosswalks, or actually on the street, following the crosswalk signals at Soi Nana and Soi Asoke ONLY(!!!). (even at Asoke, I still go through the skytrain and subway station to cross for safety reasons) Cars drive on the wrong side of the road (left, like the British). And that area
  11. I'm not sure why many of you seem concerned about sneaking past the lobby. Unless you're bringing back someone too drunk to walk or a whole party of 3+ ladies, they won't care. Even in those cases, they might not care much either. There are probably over 100 hotels in that general area and most meet your general needs, and $150 a night is far more than what you'd need for a clean room with good air conditioning. My biggest complaint with the hotels I've stayed at is slow elevators (i.e. Majestic Grande on Soi 2 and Solitaire on Soi 11). Very few hotels would not be guest friendly.
  12. I've been asked where I was staying before, many years ago. After trying to pronounce the hotel name so that he could understand 3 times I started pulling out the paper I kept with the address and confirmation... And, the immigration guy decided he wasn't really that interested, and passed me through without looking. And one time had an issue with the electronic passport not being read correctly, and marched around between a few desks before they decided it wasn't an issue. That was probably 10 years ago, or more, electronic passports were pretty new and they were just trying to scan the
  13. Check out the pattaya addict's section. It's slow and small. Was there 5 years ago and seemed like there were a lot of large nice resorts, not a lot else. There's a beach, didn't look particularly fabulous, but seemed a lot cleaner than Pattaya. (That might just be cause I didn't walks past anything that was obviously a sewage outlet into the sea right at the end of the beach. ya, that large building between the beach and walking street in Pattaya, WTF else do you think that is?). I was there with others and not looking for bars or women, and really didn't notice much while we were around
  14. Just don't go to any Chinese or Japanese restaurants and you should be fine. Those and the tourist places are where you'd usually see them, but most Thai people don't seem to use them much prefer fork and spoon.
  15. I bought some Cialis on my last trip, a pharmacy along second road in Pattaya. I guess it worked. Had a kinda weird dehydrated and dizzy feeling on my last day, probably overdosed... Rest of the time, well ya, I got an erection in a strip club... I think it was more than without, but maybe a sugar pill reflex? I wouldn't buy them on the street. Just seems like a bad idea. It wasn't particularly expensive in the pharmacy. And, I'd go to a pharmacy away from Nana or Cowboy. They are all over the place, not hard to find, more likely to screw you with something like this in a tourist
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