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  1. Anyone know the best way (without getting ripped-off) to travel from the airport to The Lux Riverside Hotel and about how much it would cost ?
  2. Jasmine City ?? I stay there and have never had the staff ask the girl for ID. Just walk with the girl past the check-in desk and straight to the elevators . Don't let the girl stop and ask the staff if they want her ID.
  3. Here's an experience I had at Bumrungrad- I fell and broke my wrist. It hurt like hell ! Went to see a surgeon at Bumrungrad. He took xrays and showed me what had to be done. It was a complicated fracture and surgery was needed. I have no insurance here in Thailand so I had to pay up front before I was admitted. The total bill for the complete surgery, one night in a private room, all medications and follow up care came out to be a little over $7,100.00 USD or around 250,000 THB. The next day during discharge they gave me money back ! Said the bill was less than what they estimated ! I cou
  4. I've been here for 9 years and have been going to Bumrungrad. Maybe a little expensive for some folks but how much is your health worth to yourself. Had everything from the flu to surgery treated there.
  5. Racshack, I know what you mean about roaches (Palmetto Bugs , LOL ! ) . I'm from Central Fla. Been staying at Jasmine Hotel/Suites on corner of Sukhumvit and Soi23 6 months out of the year for about 8 years now. Never saw a roach or any other kind of bug there. I know they spray once a month, because I'm there. Great location ! Never need to spend the extra to stay at Landmark or Marriott. I fly bis class also. Hope this helps.
  6. Buses run about every 30 minutes between BKK (Eckamai) and Pattaya and vis versa. Trip takes about 2 hours.
  7. Correct ! Additionally, make sure you have at least 6 months validity on your passport.
  8. Just Google "girl friendly hotels bangkok" to get a list.
  9. I've been using DTAC for about 2 years now. 220 baht/month unlimited internet.
  10. I get mine from canadadrugs.com. They ship world-wide. However, they must have a doctors prescription on fine from you.
  11. OK, it just sounded like you were thinking about "experimenting".
  12. Dude, I'd really think twice about injesting any of those "pills" you're talking about buying on the street! There is no-telling what "chemicals" are in them ! Visit your doctor,get a prescription,buy them in your own country and bring them with you.
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