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  1. I wrote an extensive review. Look up in the hotels forum.
  2. Stayed at the Four Points last year and enjoyed my stay. Small hotel with top notch service. I did bring in gogo girls from Cowboy without any issue, but it is a small lobby, so if you are sheepish about these kinds of things, know that you will be noticed. As I remember there is a 24x7 door man who says nothing, but you have to be comfortable with your mongering. I checked the rates there not long ago and the going rate was closer to 200.00 USD per night. If you decide to go with Four Points, there is a Hooters just outside the lobby, if you find that enjoyable. Four Points tip: T
  3. There are many comfortable hotels within your allotted budget of 150.00 USD(?) . The Aloft on Soi 11 is located central to Cowboy / Nana - all little closer to Cowboy, but Soi 11 itself is a destination so you get that as a bonus. Soi 11 is home to some decent to upscale restaurants and doesn't have the "monger-vibe" of Cowboy and Nana. Don't get me wrong, The Aloft is home to Levels Club, and Soi 11 has Insanity, Sugar, and may other popular night spots - just not gogo bars. I also like Hillary 3 on Soi 11. There is also Soi 7/1 nearby which has mini-mongering on a small alley, but I jus
  4. Taxi is easiest and if 500baht is no big deal you should take taxi. If you decide to take rail then be aware various stations will have several sets of stairs that you will need to carry your suit case(s) up/down. Also, another real consideration is the walk between station and hotel. The sidewalks on Sukhumvit are hit and miss in terms of being suitcase friendly, and right now many of the sidewalks are being repaired near Nana, so if you have multiple suitcases or a really large one, you need to make sure you are able to manhandle the suitcase a little bit when needed. Enjoy Bangkok.
  5. I have been lucky. I will file lost passport report now. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I have removed two pages from my passport to hide my BKK comings and goings from prying eyes. Has not been an issue anywhere.
  7. I have stayed at all three of these Soi 11 based hotels over the last few months starting with several stays at Aloft, then a single-day stay at Fraser, and another multi-day stay at Mercure. I have also stayed at the Grand Swiss. I will gladly return to the Mercure anytime I decide I want to stay in Soi 11. As for Aloft / Fraser you may flip flop the rankings based on how important location/lower price is versus much bigger room/higher cost. As an aside, I found myself leaving Soi 11 in favor of Soi 4 often enough that I now just stay at the JW Marriott near Soi 4 / Nana. If you are loo
  8. I can tell you about both since I have stayed at both a number of times. I am a Platinum SPG (now Marriott Bonvoy) member and since you are joining the program you should know that Aloft Soi 11 does not participate fully in the program. You can earn points, but you will not be able to use points to stay there nor do they offer complimentary upgrades to Gold or Platinum status members - first time I have seen that. I think I stayed there 3 separate times and each time the registration took very very long - even in the Platinum concierge line. The staff are great, but the place is super bus
  9. I think you need to define what "Best" means for you. Most economical? Most luxurious? Largest rooms? etc. There are plenty of choices for every price point. I personally enjoy the JW Marriott, which is also close to Nana; however a little higher on the nightly cost than [email protected] I always find good deals on Booking.com. Good Luck - TGS
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