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  1. Plenty of places on both sides of the Sukumvit in the side sois. Just choose the one that you like the look of. Sent from my Grand using Tapatalk
  2. Anything less than 1000 baht a day makes you a cheap Charlie. . Sent from my Grand using Tapatalk
  3. If you mean that you need a new visa then you need to leave the country and apply at the Thai embassey/consulate for a new 2 month tourist visa. You may be able to get 2or 3 at that time. Each visa can be extended by 30 days when you get back to Thailand. If you mean your passport is expiring then you need to apply for a new passport via your embassy or consulate.
  4. Friend of mine had the whole upper set replaced by implants here in the UK: for £10,000 . Look good though
  5. I agree one of my favourites and right next to the Asoke BTS so handy for Soi Cowboy
  6. Thia Food Over the years I have found there is really very little radiance in the quality and flavours of Thai food served by the roadside or in the big swish restaurants so unless you want Air conditioning ,table cloths , flunkys and mood music settle for somewhere on the street or with an open front with fans. Another alternative is the food centres in shopping complexes and offices. One central paying point and use 2 or 3 different vendors. Falang Food Some of the "falang owned bars can be excellent value but you will find more of a differance in the styles of cooking between the "pub grub" and the high end haute cuisine restaurants and hotels.. and if you want fish speciality you could try the Fish market and restaurant on Sukumwit Soi 24
  7. I agree Even if the traffic is really bad I'd rather sit back and watch the world go by in the back of a taxi Once you've added up the total cost of travel including linking from then BTS station to the hotel by taxi (unless you want to walk with your luggage) the total saving is probably going to be less than 150baht.. The express bus is even cheaper but I've stopped using that because it's not cost effective Having paid 14000 baht for a flight saving 150/ 200 baht is not worth the extra effort involved and if there are 2 of you taxi will probably be cheaper.
  8. If you have the whole lot amputated it reduces the chance of an std even further. :D I think I'll stay with using a rubber overcoat
  9. Stayed the a couple of years ago and was happy with the room and service
  10. agudbuk


    The reason for so many mobile bars that the article complains about is the closing times imposed on the ordinary bars and clubs a couple of years ago. If later opening ours were to be brought back there wouldn't be a market for the mobile bars.
  11. Strangely on my last visit to the Nana hotel reception objected to me taking two ladies back to my room. "one musr wait in reception and then you can change over" :)
  12. Why not have a look on Agoda or one of the other price comparators to see if they are showing any special deals?
  13. Yellow fever??? Thought that was only f you were coming from West Africa. Polio diptheria updates and Rabies pre shots maybe or Japanese Encephalitis Unfortunately nothing possible for Dengue fever For best advice check on a proper government site. CHC (Canadian Health) is about the best
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