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  1. Am thinking of a few days in Hua Hin. Staying Novotel Cha Am. Worth a side trip ? I think Novotel might be a little isolated - or are there some fun bars close - any Hua Hin experts out there ? Or is there a seperate Hua Hin forum ?
  2. Had a drink at the pool bar - but didn’t have a swim. pool area is nice. Morning sun. Pool lounges and sun umbrellas. I was happy with the overall services provided by Mercure.
  3. I just checked out of Mercure on Soi 11 today. Great location right in the middle of the Soi. Opposite is Hillary 3 for some beer bar/girl attention. Free pool tables upstairs. The Australian bar is over the road if you want to watch sports. Nana BTS 5/6 minute walk. Lot’s of restaurants in the area. Late at night - around 3.30-4.00 am good choice of FL wandering around with a variety of quality and prices. Watch the LB’s they are beautiful and difficult to tell the difference. Nice little salon over the road called Grace where I got a haircut and beard trim for AUD$11 by a cute LB. Rooms her
  4. On each post and reply, there’s a little green button - and a zero next to it - bottom right hand side. When I click the green arrow, the zero changes to one ! What does this represent ?
  5. I’m also booked into the Mercure soon for a couple of days. I’ll report back and tell you all about it. I’ve stayed at Holiday Inn Express a couple of times on previous trips. It’s located at the end of Soi 11 on right hand side. Great prices inclusive of a basic but good breakfast. Rooms are “compact” but comfortable enough. Hotel is “guest friendly” No Pool or much in the way of leisure facilities.
  6. Those queus vary a lot. I usually land around 5.30pm which usually means the queue is quite long. However luckiy I get given a fast track card by the airline due to my status. Might worth trying to buy one ? ? Good luck.
  7. I just step into the lobby of any large hotel. Ask reception or concierge to point out the closest bathroom. They always assume that I’m staying in the hotel but too lazy to go up to my room. It’s worked everytime. In any country.
  8. If you have plenty of time consider a bus trip, a great way to see some lovely scenery and meet fellow travellers. Reasonably confortable and much much cheaper, The border crossing was certainly an experience Takes all day travel though,
  9. This hotel has a great location, I have stayed here 3 times in the last couple of years. On the ground floor there is a nice bar with a couple of pool tables. Drinks a little expensive. Across the road there are a few beer bars, Nice cold beers and friendly chatty ladies. A few hundred metres up Soi 22 you will find Queens Plaza - Lots of bars to drink and play pool. Queens Plaza is a bit run down - but still OK for a bit of fun. About 10 minute walk along Sulhumvit and over the road you’ll find Soi Cowboy. Terminal 21 is also close for lots of shopping. The hotel itself is quite modern-althou
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