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  1. My friend stayed here about 2 monhts ago, I visited him and see the room was OK. The place is guestfriendly, no problem bring back the girl.
  2. I found last night one pharmacy which was open until 11 PM: Blez Pharmacy, next to Continent Hotel at Sukhumvit road. This is the closest night pharmacy to Soi Cowboy. Unfortunately they don't have Kamagra gel, but sell Sidegra too.
  3. I am looking for pharmacy close to Soi Cowboy which is open in the night too (at least 10-11 pm) and can buy what is need for mongers. For example Kamagra I know some good pharmacy next to Soi 4 but don't wanna walk this far.
  4. Red Cross Clinic at Lumpini Park good and cheap place. HIV test result need only one hours. They do Hepatitis B test but need few days for this result, they can sending you in email.
  5. +1 Bumrungrand. If I need health check or have any problems, I always going to Bumrungrand. Professional and fast service. When I have small accident, I went and I got the best service. They have a chance for operation (and make more money) but choose another way healing me without operation. I am really appreciated that.
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