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  1. Oh man I really should have checked the responses before I booked on a no cancellation deal .at work in a hurry at lunchtime . I did the stupid ass thing of looking st the prices on compatible deals between the 3 and booked Aloft but decided to go there without breakfast to get the price . By the way the comparisons I did between the 3 there was hardly anything in it over a 4 day stay just 20$ or so . Thanks for the in-depth evaluation TGS I will surely heed your view for the next trip ( I hope )

  2. Hi guys im a veteren of many Pattya and Angeles visit but am just about to have my 1st bkk experience (its easier to explain away) could do with some opinions on the above hotels . For my needs i do like a nice room thats not going to give me feel hemmed in with a good shower and a safe.

    Also important is a total lack of joiners fees (obviously) and ideally some other close place to get a breakfast . A room thats a bit on the quiete side is also an advantage for me as i need to make calls hope without it being obvious im in a party situation .


    Thanks for the helpmon this in advance 


    OH Wheels down on the 23 April if anyones about and fancies a drink only staying 4 days so need to maximise the time.





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