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  1. Has anyone heard of the Thai herbal ED capsules called Grakcu? Mate of mine just got back from BKK and was impressed by it, wondered if anyone else had taken any? From doing a bit of Googling the FDA don't seem that impressed: https://www.fda.gov/drugs/medication-health-fraud/public-notification-grakcu-capsule-contains-hidden-drug-ingredients
  2. Its a bit old and further down the street on Soi 11 but the Le Fenix Hotel reception desk is on the 1st floor so you can use the elevator on the ground floor (which also goes to the roof bar) to bypass it.
  3. Am the same, train is brilliant. Then get a taxi from Makkasan station if I'm staying on Suk
  4. Yep the Thai's have this totally right. In the UK I'm now the guy asking for a spoon in Indian restaurants :lol:
  5. As much as I love Thai street food I have to admit the fast food in Thailand (McDonalds, Burger King and KFC) is a step up in quality from the West. From experience, something like a BK Whopper seems as if its always made fresh, it looks just like the menu picture and chock full of salad.
  6. If your after another place Mash in Silom Soi Convent is fantastic, the guys behind the bar know there stuff and will find a brew based on your tastes. Like the places other people have mentioned craft beer there is not cheap. https://www.facebook.com/mashbangkok/
  7. I've always really liked Hua Hin and think it is worth the side trip. Its a different pace from Bangkok, beer is cheaper and the girls are older I guess, still a few diamonds to be found. Main strip is Hilton/Soi Bintabaht, if you do a couple of searches on YouTube you'll get a good idea of the area and its best to go out later at night, Panama and Hilton are good places to pick up. There is also Soi 80 which is a area about 5 mins tuk-tuk from Hilton. Its ok during the day, bars are dirt cheap but full of the worst kind of pissed, jaded, boasting Ex-Pats. One decent bar called Nana B
  8. If you can stomach Isaan food then the vendors at the top of Suk Soi 18 are awesome. One does the normal papaya and laap salads, another guy further down does bbq salt encrusted fish, which is some of the best I've had in Bangkok. Word of warning its really busy so expect a bit of a wait, but its worth it. Other than that, I agree that Nana is a good place to start.
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