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  1. Dear Admin,

    I was in BKK for 2 weeks and I made every day 1-3 Kinky sessions with mistresses, bar girls, freelancers and etc 🙂 How do I get access to "Alternate Lifestyles and Fetishes"? I really really want to be there and also share my experiences and it's a gold mine for me 🙂

    Can you please assist? I appreciate it so much 🙂


  2. Relax bro! i mean in a term of not picking ids, not looking at you strange, easy route to the room without reception and etc
  3. Hi guys, I know both of them are excellent choices. I have chosen Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit, but I still have the ability to cancel without charge and switch to Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit as I have read here excellent reviews about it. Both of them have the same price actually. 1. Which ones is more girl friendly? Which one is more discreet? 2. Any other pros and cons between them :) Thank you!!
  4. I have read there is no door to the toilet/bath room and people complain about it and don't want to get back. Is it true? :) lol
  5. Amazing explanation man :) thank you so much! (also thank you so much for everyone)
  6. Thank you so much guys! Since GCP T21 isn't a good option as you have mentioned, I think I'll go with Four Points: 1. Westin -> entrance from high floor makes it strange to bring someone 2 Radisson and Hilton -> I don't like the location since I want to still stay close to sois 4-20 (in addition to SC) 3. Sofitel -> might be an option but it's more expensive than GTC and I think too luxurious for FL guests - am I wrong? :) As I read Four Points makes it easier to bring guests, and it's still pretty much decent - I think I'll go with this one. What do you think? :)
  7. Hi, I'm dividing my coming trip for 2 parts: 1. One week near Nana which I chose the Landmark. 2. Second week in Soi Cowboy. Which one is better GCP Terminal 21 or Four Points by Sheraton as a girl friendly one? desk that doesn't look at you strange and even that you can enter without ID? (and in a matter of a nice hotel to stay) Thanks a lot guys
  8. Check out my post: http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/10161-landmark-hotel-advice-please/?hl=corner
  9. I see. So actually without upgrading to corner room the room is kind of small a nice regular one and the main benefits are the location and being guest friendly one.
  10. Hi guys, Landmark Premium room costs about 115$ which is the most basic. Now I really want the corner room to have a bit more space but the price jump to at least 158$ which I think is too much to invest. Is it worth the price? What do you think? should I stay with Premium size, invest in Corner one or move to Sofitel? Icon Hotel is cool, but too average. I want something better :) Thanks!
  11. LOL :) sorry, i wasn't sure it's possible to cross there at all. That was my question and it was answered :)
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