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  1. To work every mobile phone needs to know your location (well the cell you are in) and by measuring signal strength from near by cell your approximate location in that cell can be found. Yes lots of things are possible but the resources to do it can be vast. The computer processing and storage you would need would be significant and with millions of visitors a year the staff you would then need to review the data very expensive. Like many things such data collection is useful it you want to track a person after an incident or follow a person of interest but real time surveillance of all phones
  2. Some time back the Thais changed the rules and you needed to show some ID to buy a sim card so you could no longer pick up a sim from a 7/11 store. This is the same in many countries for example Australia where you need to some ID with an address or produce a passport if you are a visitor. In January 2016 they were giving out free sim cards at the airport but these were only valid for a short while once you activated them but this was not happening in May 2016. This sounds like an extension of this scheme but with some added registration. The bad news was and maybe still is the rates you get
  3. Yes prices have gone up greatly over the years but the attitude of the girls has become much worst. Go back 15 years when the girls and the bars were about providing fun times for you and the girls enjoying themselves while making a modest income. Now it is all about hard nosed business making as much as you can for as little as possible. BKK is trading on past reputation but this will not last for ever. When I started to go to BKK I was paying about 1/3rd of the price of a beer at home and I was getting pretty girls thrown in now a beer in Cowboy or Nana costs more than I pay at home. Why
  4. Yes there is always a risk taking any medication and even if it is prescribed by a doctor there is still a risk as each person is different. However, for any modern drug to get into the market there has to be extensive safety testing which means fro the vast majority of people the risks are minimal. I have just looked at an over the counter cold medication that requires no doctors prescription to purchase. The list of possible side effects and warnings on the enclosed paperwork would worry many people but the drug company is just covering themselves. I have only used these medications once wh
  5. Agreed their spelling is not always good but locals can cope with mis spelt words just as we can in our native tongue.
  6. Just like any city on the world how much you pay for food dependes on where you choose to eat and what you choose to order. As people have already said in a food court in a shopping mall you can eat all you want for under 200B in fact I would say you can get a good meal for 100B. Street food which is equally good will again cost about 100B. If you are concerned about street food or the food courts there are some nice places to eat in T21. I have eaten there recently and a meal for 2 will cost you under 1000B even with drinks.
  7. Agreed. While it is getting a little tired and sometimes the rooms are a bit noisy a good place to stay close to Nana and a very competitive price. For me the noise from the street can be a positive as It wakes me up nice and early for some morning fun!
  8. I am not one to give valid comment as I have only tried a pill once. I am sure it was the real thing as a mate gave it to me and he got it from his doc back home. Only side effect was a had a mouth as dry as a desert when I woke up the next morning worked fine and did what is said on the tin!
  9. I always tip (100B first night then 50 or 20B on the next nights) the securty staff when I come back with a girl. This goes into his pocket so the bloke will watch out for you, this has been of use to me in the past. Come back one night with 2 girls and he is not going to want to lose his tip.
  10. Try the market next to On Nut BTS station. You will save more than the price of the ticket from Asoke in the price of the food and beer. It is normally packed with locals and I think a few freelancers are about
  11. BKKSC has given a good list. However the food courts in all the shopping malls are very average in my view. So I would add eat Thai street food. The food in the MK chain is also not that great it is the same in all MK's so I would give it a miss. I know some Thai girls like to eat there but the street food or what you get from a small local restraurant is much better in my view.(and much cheaper)
  12. The busiest nights are Friday and Saturday. On other nights are noticably fewer people about but the popular bars can still have plenty of customers. At this time of the year the rain can be a big factor a wet Monday or Tuesday especially if the rain starts just after 7pm and you might well have the pick of the girls in most bars.
  13. This is Thailand! There are the rules and there is what happens in reality . Given what is on sale openly on Sukhumvit the police are not going to be worried and they are not going to raid hotels looking for ED medication.
  14. My first vist to BKK was in 1998 and something was being built then but I am not sure if it was the skytrain or an overhead road. The part of the skytrain that goes from On Nut east only opened a short time ago, it was build for a number of years before any trains were running on it.
  15. I have eaten there a couple of times it was the girls choice. It does appear to be the place the girls like to be taken and from what I saw not the normal BG hang out.
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