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  1. Good day, Can anyone suggest good Mexican restaurant in Bangkok?
  2. Cheers! What is your purpose for traveling to Cambodian border - border run or you just want to explore Cambodia? Visa run from BKK Here
  3. You can try Shakariki 432 at Silom Soi3. This is a Japanese chain restaurant. Products are always fresh. Bill is average. The best Jap food I have ever tried in BKK was at Uomasa Thonglor soi 13.
  4. I will recommend Bangkok International Dental Center at Ratchada. Do my annual cleaning their as well done several filling. Everything is up to EU standarts. Price for cleaning was 1900 THB. Can check more info Online
  5. Yes, you need. Frankly speaking TM30 need to be by landlord of house or condo,but most the time this duty is relay on us. List of a documents - copy of a contract,copy of landlord ID,filled TM30.+ if you are late 800 THB. There is an application to simply TM30 process. Ask you landlord download and sign up in app. With in 1 month landlord will have a password and can send TM30 form via INTERNET. TM30 App
  6. I went to Pulse Clinic at Silom last October for full STD test. They check 11 STD for 4000 THB, pretty cheap compare to other places in Bangkok and level of a doctor is high.
  7. Hello fellows, Starting from this week or maybe from last, not sure about this, it is required to have TM30 form to get Visa Extension in Bangkok. (Same practice as implemented in Pattaya a year ago). TM30 form is a notification from from an owner (condo or house) where foreigner is staying. Normally this a house owner needs to do but none did and you can stuck in getting extension because of this. Now there is a small fine 800 THB and you can get an extension. Hope information is helpful.
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