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  1. Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone has stayed here yet on Soi 2. Looks pretty flash but not sure it's Girl Friendly. Being Soi 2 I would say yes but wondering if anyone else here knows? Would also like to know what the hotel/staff were like as well? S'n'D
  2. Have also stayed here a few times and its a great hotel. The staff are always helpful here. It is deadly quiet here come night time too. S'n'D
  3. Hey Plahgat If you stayed in one of the front rooms at Maxim's, what was the noise factor like there at night? S'n'D
  4. Hey nightwatch I am looking at getting a standard SIM card for my next trip also. Whereabouts in the airport can you get this and can you also get a standard handset for it? Is there a SIM/carrier you could recommend? Also how much money do you put on the card to begin with? S'n'D
  5. If you wanted a hotel within walking distance to Nana, I can recommend the Dawin. S'n'D
  6. Not so much looking for a new suit but are there any tailors around that do clothing alterations? Most of the ones I tried on Sukhumvit last time were only interested in selling me a new suit. Gave up after about 5 different shops. S'n'D
  7. Thanks for the add Mark. Cheers mate!

  8. Hi Guys I stayed at the Dawin on my recent trip in BKK. It is a great hotel so close to all the action and staff there are super friendly. They even emptied the bar fridge for me so I could fill it with my own supplies. The only concern I had was its location in that I barfined a girl from Bar 4 on Soi Nana my first night there and things got a little awkward the following night when I walked past and didn't go back in to see her again on my way back to the hotel. Got a few rather annoyed looks as I strolled past. That is the only negative I can pick from that hotel. :D S&D
  9. Hi all Just wanted to add to this as I was able to visit Checkinn99 on my recent quick trip to Bangkok. Went there for dinner on a Thursday night. The ambience was quiet and not overly loud or raucous which is just what I needed after a big Wednesday night and still nursing a hangover. Anyway the band was great. The three girls put on a really good show and I stayed for three sets. They can really sing and being an Aussie myself (don't hold that against me now :P), their set list and request list shows some great songs from the 70's & 80's, perfect for a bloke in his 40's or if you are into that period of Aussie Rock/pop music. I was really surprised that the girls and the guy playing keyboard could pull off the songs they did. Ordered the Paris steak and it was cooked to my exact liking and they way I ordered it. Also got to chat to one of the lovely hostesses there called Wan. She was great to chat to especially have 'extended' English compared to some of the bar girls I had met on this trip. She was a bit older than some of the other bar girls I had met but definitely still had 'redeeming qualities'. There was no pressure at all to buy her a drink either which I found refreshing. Ordered a few of my favourite drinks and they were also made well. The staff in here are courteous and attentive to customers. All in all, this place is perfect for a change in scenery in Bangkok if you need a little down time or even perfect for a nice quiet meal with a 'local lovely'. I had a great night in and would recommend it to all BMs. I missed out on the free flowing beer on the weekend but will plan this for my next trip in a few months time. Will have to definitely have to catchup with Cattoc and slap him around the head for his unabashed self promoting style as well :P. Cheers all. S&D
  10. Sam this will work...I need your nick name - so I can tell the staff... when there ask the cashier Nong to sms me (Im in Vietnam) I will respond to get you a tall Heneiken on the house..in part retribution for my shameless self promotion.. its dead boring before 9pm... but when it gets lively put a request to the band to do a couple of Aussie numbers - LRB, skyhooks icehouse or angels..they...

  11. On the Sunday night 1Apr there will be a full fledged Blues Brothers Night starts 8pm.. the Tribute band is appearing for one night only in Bangkok. Did you see the you tube clip "checkinn99 Boys light up, music of the heart?

  12. Rowyco, thanks so much for the promo mate. really appreciate it.


  13. Hey Frosty Does that include laptops as well? You mean in general it isn't safe to leave your laptop on a desk or table inside the hotel room? I am staying at Dawin and it looks like a fairly respectable hotel. I would be surprised/miffed if one of the staff took the laptop from the room while I was out. Geez I hope the safe is large enough to house it as well. S&D
  14. Will be in BKK 28th & 29th March, YIPPEE!

    1. squeezeitforu


      Congrats & safe travels!Hope you have a hell of a time!

    2. Scotch_And_Dry


      Thanks Squeeze. Can't bloody wait!!

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