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  1. I came across a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78xdMXOx7Rw) which claimed that tourism was having severe, damaging effects on the environment in Thailand from killing coral reefs to over fishing and pressures on waste management systems. It also showed overcrowding at some of the tourist attractions such as James Bond beach. I also saw another one from Chiang Mai that said the streets were eerily quiet and there were rumors of visas being denied. So is tourism out of control in Thailand and is the government doing something about it?
  2. I figured I'd have pad thai once or twice for comparison purposes. What other dishes do you recommend? I'm looking forward to the street food while I'm there but it'll be my first time to the LOS so I'm not exactly sure what exactly to expect.
  3. I prefer Airbnbs to hotels because you usually get more bang (pun fully intended) for your buck. Hotels usually only change sheets during your stay twice a week anyway and I've found many Airbnbs have been providing extra towels lately, or a washing machine to use. They are also getting better at providing more toilet paper, which used to be my biggest beef with them. I stayed at one in the past that only provided one roll. I was paying over $250/night for the place and they couldn't figure out how to keep the place stocked up with more!?! Give me a break!! This forum seems to be more active than the other sub forums on accommodation but I started a thread about Airbnb on Koh Samui if anyone has any experience renting a house or villa on the island: https://www.bangkok-addicts.com/topic/10498-koh-samui-airbnb/
  4. I am looking to book an Airbnb on Koh Samui but wanted to check with others to see what their experiences have been. I originally started looking at 4/5 star hotels on the island but then searched on Airbnb and found some seemingly upscale villas with spectacular views (mostly hillside) for cheaper. There are many one or two bedroom units with private infinity pools overlooking the sea. Anyone ever stay in one of these?
  5. Are there many places in Bangkok who serve pad thai with peanut sauce or do they mostly use a tamarind-based sauce? I prefer those who use peanut (not just sprinkled on top), probably because that is what I'm used to getting where I live in the States but I thought I heard tamarind is more traditional.
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