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  1. On my last trip I only had Pakistani food in Bangkok from Soi 3. Which I think was a bit expensive. I want to know the approximate price for following 1) Meal for 2 person in a normal Thai restaurant 2) KFC and McDonalds price for a meal I am bit confused from KFC website https://www.kfc.co.th/rice.php If you see Spicy Chicken rice..it is only THB 59 . I think its a complete meal for 1 person .... and it looks very very cheap as compared to what I have read on internet about average Thai restaurant.... please let me know approx prices
  2. Anyone have any info about Omni Tower bangkok ? Do they create issue on bringing girl back to your apartment room ? http://omnibangkok.com
  3. I stayed in Manhattan and it was a very good experience.... everything was good...planning to stay there again if do not find any nice apartment for short term
  4. Anyone have experience with Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel on Soi 4 ? http://www.woraburi.com/woraburisukhumvit/ . I will be with a girl on next Bangkok trip ...do you recommend this hotel ? will they allow my girl to stay for day+night ? Or do you guys think apartment will be better (If yes please suggest some nice apartments on sukhumvit between soi 15-soi 4) ? thanks
  5. Wow....thats a good way ...but needs more time...will surely try this technique once i have enough time :)...thanks I am following some channels on youtube...but they are mostly about basic sentences , verbs and formal statements.....what basically I am looking for is a complete informal dailyday conversation between thai people......for that I am trying to see Lakorns with english subtitles on youtube.....i m trying to improve my listening skills by replaying scenes and statements of those lakorns..and trying to figure out the words and meanings.......one thing i realized that there are many words that i now understand in lakorn ......which is a good sign as i am not putting even an hour to learn thai ..and that too not ever day ....but still its good way to improve listening skills and vocab
  6. Can you please tell what resources you have ? ...I have downloaded becker's Thai for beginners pdf yesterday.....i liked its theme ..and i have learnt many new words + statements using that book...but i cannot dedicate much time to learning reading/writing thai .... its a bit confusing for me (may be coz of lack of time)
  7. Common phrases and simple words of Thai are available all over internet. But I couldn't find any place where people can write long and complete thai statements and other can correct it or verify it. In my opinion if we are not interested in learning how to read or write Thai (which is a long and difficult task) the best technique is to make long statements. For vocabulary I use following links http://thai-language.com/dict/search http://thai2english.com Let me know if you guys are interested so we can start writing long Thai statements here and those who are good in Thai can verify or correct them and also contribute some extra knowledge.
  8. I stayed in a standard room in a hotel on my last trip....it didnt have many channels (mostly were Thai) ... but other higher rooms of same hotel mention something as "UBC Channels" availability. What are these UBC channels ?
  9. I forgot this thread...so responding late.... I hired Miss Nok from http://treasuretravelthailand.com . She is a very friendly and professional private tour guide. If anyone needs a private tour guide ...i highly recommend her.
  10. I am planning to go to BKK for 7 days. In my April trip I visited some tourist places like Ayutthaya , Floating market, River Kwai and Tiger temple. Can you guys suggest places in BKK or outside (but not too far from) BKK that I can visit in 7 days through bus / BTS. I have in list following places 1) Rayong (girl with me lives in Rayong so I decided to spend one day in her home town) 2) Hua hin 3) Bang Na and Samut Prakan Please advise more places....
  11. Thanks guys...right now I have booked hotel through travel agent...but I will surely follow your advice to book hotel in pattaya as I am planning to visit Pattaya for a night or two after 4 nights in bangkok. But it depends if girls in bangkok do not eat my cash too much :P
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