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  1. Timing of this post is strange, when everything is shut down for 'x' days/weeks, and recovery will be very very slow.
  2. Probably for all of this year, after that its up to the gods.
  3. Just look at the Bangkok Post website for all the info you need.
  4. The PM has been saying today to not panic, not stockpile food etc. But about 7.30pm this evening, some Truevision channels were interrupted with an Emergency notice (in Thai), telling people to stay home for 2 weeks and not stockpile food. So completely contradictory and this just panics people. 605974075.382935.mp4 605974056.836432.mp4
  5. New Zealand just enacted legislation requiring ALL (except pacific islanders) travellers to NZ (including NZ'ers) to self isolate for 14 days. Huge impact on travellers.
  6. I am interested in learning Tai Chi. If anyone has any info on good teachers or classes in Bangkok, I'd really appreciate it. I am in the Thonglor area, but anywhere is fine. Thank you
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