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  1. I want to go to Phuket too. But domestic traveling still not allowed. At least with the current Sandbox rules. Let's see if they allow it on 1st September, I hope it
  2. Hotel's for Nana Action: There is Alt Hotel Nana, it's on Soi 2 at the end of Soi 4 Nana. They have shuttle service (back and forth) directly to Nana Plaza. They have two Buildings A and B. In B there are also some Freelancers (incall). The rooms are standard. Building B has also monthly rental options and isn't that expensive. Teja Hotel. It's near Alt Hotel Nana, a little bit hidden on the opposite street. Rooms again standard, but also has shuttle service (back and forth). Walk to Nana maybe 5 minutes. Hotel's for Freelancer Action: Amora NeoLux Hotel in Sukhumvit 31. Rooms a little bit above standard. FL don't need to go to the reception and can enter the elevator without problems. It's also near Sukhumvit Soi 22 (Massage and Bars). Solo Express in Sukhumvit 81. This is perfect for all the Freelancers near OnNut. Rooms are a bit under standard and could be modernized. So for holiday and relax maybe not the best action, but just for meetings it's perfect, but it's also super cheap. FL don't need to go to the reception. This is true for both buildings.
  3. I went to Cali-Mex at the corner of soi 22 mentioned above. I personally think the dishes are to small for the price. Ordered chili con carne and the dish was like 5 spoons
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