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  1. Hi All, It’s my first post here, your *knowledge* would be much appreciated! - By ‘Cambodia Border,’ I mean Hat Lek/Koh Kong. - I *assume* my choices from Bangkok to be mini-van, shared taxi, private taxi, or bus. More? - I would really prefer to *not* stop in Trat- if possible! - Is there a website I can use to book my trip? If so, please post it, ‘cause I don’t know it. - Ideally, I’d like a mini-van to pick me up at my hotel and hit the road straight to the border, bypassing Trat. You may say I’m a dreamer, hope I’m wrong! - If it must be bus, where in BKK are the starting points? I’m located near Saphan Khwai station, are the only places to get a bus Mo Chit and/or Ekkamai? You know Mo Chit’s much closer, for me. More? - I *assume* a bus would go no further than Trat, I’d have to make my own way from Trat to the border. Never done it, don’t know how to, if you do, please tell me! - Details, please! E.g., frequency of bus departures, getting from Trat to the border, how early do busses depart, is there anything else you know that would help me out? - Is it possible to book in advance? That gives me a better chance of getting a mini-van the day I want to go, rather than showing up and being told “everything’s booked today.” - I’ve got friends coming in for the first time to S.E. Asia, it’s really important that I be there for them. I have everything set up for them, it’s just this issue I need to sort out.
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