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  1. separated but if you demostrate that you are and advanced member in the other you can become one here
  2. hey, guys, with all of the problem with closed massage parlors I see my self in the need of getting an hotel room and getting and in call girl. so, I want to ask for your recommendation about hotels for ST around Nana or Asok. I don't want to expend the night in the hotel but expending all of the day been takin care by a nice girl would be great, so I am looking for a hotel that can rent me a room from 12pm to maybe 8 pm and is girls friendly Any suggestions? Also, it will be my first time getting an scort, so, do you have any advise if I should use Smooci or should I go directly with the escort agencies? Finally, any recommended girl to book for my first time with an escort?
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