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  1. Thanks Rocky, I was thinking the same, but nice to have in confirmed.
  2. It's funny how one bad experience (and admittedly, yours is bloody awful) will put you off an airline. It's not always that there's a problem, ut it's how it is dealt with that makes the difference. One of the reasons I will never fly westjet to Canada again, when a 9 hour flight actually took 16 hours, which I could put up with, but not when they offered £20 in vouchers as compensation.
  3. I'll be landing at 6am on a Saturday at Suvarnabhumi . I imagine, as I'm getting off an A380 immigration will be a nightmare, which should lead nicely into trafiic getting to Nana. After a 12 hr flight, I will just want to get to my hotel and get my head down for a few hours. What are people's opinion on the prebook fast track and limo service that you can get? I pretty much hate public transport and I will have a case with me, so don't fancy lugging that around on trains. For me, speed and comfort on my first trip to BKK will be the most important thing.
  4. Hi all, I know theres a sticky about this, but it's quite old now. I'm prescribed Co-codomal and Diazepam for a chronic back condition which can flare up intermittently. Thinking 12 hours on a plane won't be doing it any favours, plus loads of "exercise" whilst in Bangkok. When I go to the link supplied to get a permit, it returns; Currently the website is under maintenance. If traveler would like to carry narcotic medications into Thailand, please contact directly to email [email protected] Does anyone know how long it's been down for, I've been loo
  5. Just wanted to say thankyou to everyone for answering, trip all booked for 10th Oct, flight was £550 with Thai, five days in nana at Cirtus Suites and 5 days in cowboy at Citadines. now I have to wait 8 bloody months
  6. Rocky, sorry to ask again, your recommendations have been spot on. Citrus suites looks really good. I'm assuming from the map that its a couple fo minutes walk to NEP. ABout 20 mins to cowboy? if I was to pick up a "guest" at cowboys for ST, would she be a bit put off by the trek back to the hotel, considering the traffic in the area is a nightmare
  7. Thanks Rocky Taipan looks like a good one, has a gym and pool. WHat are the rooms like, not many pics on Agoda. Sukhumvit Suites is on my short list as well. The problem is my short list keeps getting longer. I may increase my budget actually, as I'll be there for 10 nights, so thinking I may get somewhere that has access to laundry facitlities. WHat do people think?
  8. Thanks rocky, I'm working my way through reviews etc at the moment, as I know there's nothing worse than someone coming on a forum without doing a bit of basic legwork. Budget is probably going to be in the region of £50-60 per night, which at current rates is around the 2000-2500 baht. Looking to stay in walking distance to either soi cowboy or nep
  9. Thanks Mikey, feel free to answer my other upcoming quetsions 😛
  10. Thanks Mikey, yes I've read about selecting 2xpeople. I think I worded the question wrong though, still getting used to the terminology. Are there hotels that wouldn't allow you to take a guest back? I'm assuming now that guest friendly just means that they dont charge any extra.
  11. Hi all brand new on the forum and it's taking time to make my way through everything. I have so many questions, so apologies if they are answered elsewhere. I'm planning my first trip to BKK in October, lots of advise on guest friednly hotels, but just curious, are there actually hotels that aren't guest friendly? It just seems to me that everyhting is geared towards making sure they get tourists in. Thanks in advance for your replies, and watch out for the deluge of questions I'll be posting
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