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  1. Thailand will not ban people from leaving. No country has banned people from leaving. my countrymen were taken out of the Wuhan quarantine 2 days after it was imposed. I’m not worried.
  2. agree, Cali-Mex is tasty but the portions don't even fit anorexia patients.
  3. I defo like Margherita Storm. They serve sunrise tacos menu with some extras, like a really good salmon dish. Also some of the best cocktails that are mexican oriented.
  4. Few months ago I made an error booking air bnb and booked 2 days too little. For those 2 days I figured to just get a cheap room. I booked a deluxe room for 2 nights 900b/night. Rooms are spacious but worn. Hallways looked like crap and were dirty but my room was quite tidy. Had a big lie down tub to relax, a desk, a chair, complimentary water in a tiny fridge and a nice TV. if you are on a budget I can recommend this place. My preference is an airbnb condo with a washing machine though.
  5. In general I like big condos much more than hotels. Every so often, when I feel particularly lazy, I book a hotel. I wanted to treat myself to S31. I booked myself the junior suite. You access the suite by a door like any other hotel room but then there is a couch and a stairs, the downstairs area is like hallway of a house. You can stow away shoes and raincoats, take a rest etc. Then you go up one level, see the quite big kitchen area with a huge fridge. This area goes into the main bedroom/ living room area. Big couch one could sleep, a desk, some chairs and a giant bed. One could sleep with 4 people in this bed. This big room has giant windows offering you a nice view over downtown bangkok. I particularely enjoyed this panorama and it was the hero of this suite for me. The bathroom was spacious with a big bathtub fitting 2 people and a shower next to the bathtub. S31 is girl friendly and ladyboy friendly as verified several times by yours truly.
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