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  1. I think you should try grab they have an option of selecting multiple location at once, but I am not if the taxi will wait for you or not.
  2. Well, not try Foodpanda yet, is it better than grab or different places? Maybe I would pick another app for food delivery. Well I heard there is also Lineman app that do food delivery also.
  3. Yes I agree with you, Grab have a fair policy which will never cheat you and overcharge you. They even have the driver information and car licence in the database to track that driver if they did something illegal.
  4. Right now there are plan to expand MRT line called gold line. They are new line that already under construction, which connect Krung thonburi with icon siam department store. Right now there plan only 3 station, Krung thonburi, Charoen Nakorn and Klongsarn.
  5. Probably recommend Khao San road. This district is popular for nightlife with many pubs and bars with many exotic street food. Also the rent is afforadable (not too expensive). Best for experience multiculture in this area and also visit Wat PhuKaoThong (Golden Mount Temple) for engaging in Thai culture.
  6. Well recommended from me also, Grab service do not turn down your request and also charge fair price. It is not like some taxi who charge crazy amount of fee. Also try grab food service, it is food delivery service recommended right now.
  7. Well at least we can get a hand on booze. I still miss the time hanging out in the bars and find the nice girl to have a chat, well I hope next month, they will open normally. No one can disagree that woman come with booze.
  8. Well thank for the advice mate, just start becoming bangkok addict for a few day. Good day to you and stay safe during this period.
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